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Ulrika Windolf

? Anna Sturesson

If you were a regular on the old blog you would have been introduced to Ulrika Windolf four years ago. If not why not?

Ulrika is originally from Linköping and later moved to Stockholm to attend Musikhögskolan.

I stumbled across this piece on Facebook earlier today which reminded me I had not heard too much about Ulrika lately. And that started me of on a music search to see what she has been doing lately.

Turns out that Ulrika gave up on the music biz for a while, but now she is back and say’s their will be new songs in the near future. Personally I’m looking forward to that.

A beautiful song and that violin player is just wonderful.




? Peter Jigerström

I think this is a beautiful song by the awesomely talented Ulrika Windolf in an appearance @ Bar Brooklyn in Stockholm not to be confused with any New York bars.

I’m not satisfied even though
the chemicals rescue me
cause I thought life
would be so much more
than this fight against
your own thoughts.
And they say
oh, carry on you must try
so much harder
oh, carry on you’re not
living your life
you’re not 25 forever”

? Peter Jigerström

To finish up today a sad and plaintive song, beautiful and achingly sung.
What you need is hope. A wonderfully produced video to accompany the song.
Hope is the way through

single from Ulrika Windolf, produced by Ludvig Jansson
video produced by Ulrika Windolf