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Trio Mandili


Trio Mandili is a Georgian musical group consisting of three young women: Anna Chincharauli, Tatia Mgeladze and Shorena Tsikarauli. They became popular in Georgia because of a music video in which they perform a Georgian folk song.

Trio Mandili accompany themselves with classic Eurasian stringed instruments, such as the panduri and tschonguri, long-necked lutes.

Because Trio Mandili sing in the Georgian language I don’t understand a word. But the sound is just sublime. So listen along and enjoy the feeling.

This apparently is the winter version of this song, and the winter looks very cold there. But it doesn’t seem to bother them, they are still smiling. Oh I guess I did understand a word, yeah.


This one is much warmer, looks like summer. And the girls are still enjoying themselves and showing us around the pretty countryside. If you watch this without smiling you need to check your pulse.
Ai Dunia


The trio became a duo for this one, maybe the other one does not like the water. Fun by the waterside.


Here’s a great clip from a gig in Kyiv in 2015. (Kiev, Ukraine).
They appear to still be enjoying themselves despite the formal appearance of their dress and being on stage.


Our final song for the day, still summertime although the wind is messing with the microphone. A brief song to say goodbye.
Tsangala da Gogona