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The Handsome Family


Great news for all Handsome Family fans, a new album.
“Unseen” will be released via Loose on 16 September.
Along with the recent announcement by Leonard Cohen of a new release it’s gonna be an awesome fall for lovers of good music.

For those who don’t know  The Handsome Family are husband and wife duo Brett and Rennie Sparks. Brett Sparks: Vox, music, guitars. Rennie Sparks: Words, vox, bass, banjo. They hail from Albuquerque, New Mexico. And they are brilliant.

The Handsome Family said the following regarding the new album:
Unseen continues The Handsome Family’s embrace of things beyond easy view: the slow dive of the sun, enormous bugs awakening in thorny yards, sirens, and coyotes that cry out to the purple sky. An epic western gothic masterpiece, Unseen draws from real life events. “Gentlemen” is a tribute to William Crookes who built the first vacuum tube in 1875, hoping to detect spirits from alternate dimensions. Many tracks fix around the idea that light emanates from things we can’t see, including behind “The Red Door” in the empty hands of blackjack losers (“The Silver Light”), and amidst desert bones bleaching in the sun (“King of Dust”).

So wanna hear some of it? You know you do.

This is the second video to drop from the new album, it was released yesterday. A beautiful “fifties” kind of video, very nostalgic, as is the song. I’ve definitely been missing the pureness of a Handsome Family song. Every one of their albums is a gem, and this one is surely not going to stray based on what I’ve heard so far. Simply awesome.
Back in My Day


Here’s the first video from the new album. A great piece the of Americana, it’s so comfortable you just fall into it. They could be describing anyone in America’s life. A terrific video of the forgotten landscapes of US life, the places that have been neglected. The automotive ruins of our life, interspersed with the cowboys we all wanted to be. Another true gem. Now we have to wait for the album, or the next video.


Finally today as an added bonus for those who cannot get enough of the True Detective theme tune for series one. Seoda Shows presents The Handsome Family, Live at Dolans Warehouse, Limerick. Ireland. This was absolutely the perfect song for an awesome series. Pity it went downhill so fast in series 2.
Far From Any Road


Unseen track listing

The Silver Light
Back In My Day
Tiny Tina
Underneath The Falls
The Sea Rose
The Red Door
King Of Dust
Green Willow Valley