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Róisín O


I can’t believe it’s been three years since I last posted songs by Róisín O.
You can follow the links to the old blog (ignore the content warning), these were posts for 2012 and 2013.

Anyway I heard this first song and watched the beautiful video and just had to make this post.

Róisín O‘s new single ‘Better This Way’, filmed in Iceland.
It is awesome. The song is as spectacular as the landscape, and Róisín’s voice as beautiful as I’ve ever heard it.
Better This Way

Director: John Broe
Director of Photography: Dara Munnis
Edited by John Broe & Róisín O


This was her previous single, very cool video shot in one take in a warehouse outside the city. I’m guessing the city would be Dublin, a beautiful place to be sure. This is a bit more pop than her normal releases, but still a great song.
Give it up

Directed by John Broe
Filmed & Edited by Stephen Mogerley
Projections filmed by Gavin Leane & Dara Munnis
Lighting by Bob Smith
Concept by John Broe & Róisín O

? Dara Munnis

A beautiful song, with a beautiful singer. What a great percussionist we have here. A perfect foil for her wonderful voice. All that plus a cool video of her and her band on a tour in Germany.
If You Got Love

Shot & Edited by Gavin Leane
Written by Róisín O and John Broe
Produced by Eliot James
Video by Gavin Leane