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? Timothy Saccenti

Phantogram who are Josh Carter (vocals, guitars) and Sarah Barthel they hail from Saratoga Springs, New York. A totally photogenic couple, and very talented.

I’m surprised at myself for having missed out on Phantogram, because their music is awesome. I should have latched on to them a long time ago. But I guess I just have to catch up.
Their music is certainly up my alley, having touches of dream pop, electronica, trip hop and shoegaze.

So it’s music time, let’s go.

First up their recently released video of a track coming from their new album, Three, which will drop on September 16.
Awesome, amazing video. Great song, wicked band. If the rest of the album is this good, look out Grammies. That wave is wicked cool. I am really digging on this song.
You Don’t Get Me High Anymore



? Shervin Lainez

This is a brilliant live performance in another stellar stage show. Here Sara Barthel and Josh Carter perform one of the key tracks from their ‘Voices’ album. Watch their lighting effects on this one. And of course the vocals of Sara and the awesome guitar of Josh.
Black Out Days


This is from the first Phantogram  album, but is still a great song. And a wonderful video. And that Sara is one cool, cute young lady.
When I’m Small


We’ll finish with another amazing video. And another beautiful song, with awesome vocals again by Sarah.
Don’t Move