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Today we meet another “new” group, onDeadWaves.

I’m not sure if they are “onDeadWaves” or “On Dead Waves” but they are on my radar now. onDeadWaves is a collaboration between Polly Scattergood and James Chapman of Maps.

The duo hail from England, Polly from Colchester, Essex and James from Northampton.

They recently released their first self titled album, and it is a doozey.
I’m just loving it.

So to the music, here’s three tracks from the album. Enjoy.

Dark and delicious, you are gonna love this track. Beautiful harmonies and that brilliant guitar sound. Somehow reminds me of many Leonard Cohen songs in its presentation.


Also from the album is this truly melodic piece. Beautiful song and beautiful vocals, and those guitars. Shoegaze at it’s finest.
Blue Inside

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Lukasz Pytlik.


Gonna finish with another of my favorites from the album, only audio on this, no video. I just love the harmonies on this track.  Is there a hint of Beach Boys in this?