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4th July


Happy Independence Day

Enjoy your barbecue or whatever you are eating today.
I thought I would provide a little music to enhance the day.
The clips span the 40’s, 60’s and 80’s.

James Cagney showing off his hoofing ability playing the part of entertainer George M. Cohan in the 1942 Warner Brothers film on the life and times of George M. Cohan.
Yankee Doodle Dandy ~ James Cagney


It’s amazing how naive the kids were back in the sixties.
This was on the US TV show Hullabaloo in 1965.
Only in America ~ Jay & the Americans


And finally today, this one from a 1980 movie.  Original video of Neil Diamond performing America from The Jazz Singer, presented here remastered in clean DTS Digital Sound from the limited edition 25th Anniversary release of The Jazz Singer.
America ~ Neil Diamond



The combination of  the Stars and Stripes and The Union Jack together is a tribute to my mother who’s birthday was the 4th July.