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Mira Aasma

? Alfred Johansson


It’s hard to believe that at the age of just nineteen, Göteborg born vocalist Mira Aasma’s music is filled with such maturity and grace. The compelling sound of her voice has made her comparable to other celebrated artists including Florence and the Machine. Mira’s previous single Ghost started getting her music noticed in her home country, Sweden. Additionally, in the UK she began receiving more attention-with multiple plays on Amazing Radio. Mira continues to demonstrate her talent as she not only written but also arranged and produced all of the songs on her upcoming EP, Stereoscope.  [Birds Records]

All I know is that Mira Aasma is an amazing talent, and I just have to introduce her to the USA. As if I was that popular. But Mira is another in the long line of talented females from Scandinavia.
Mira has written, arranged and produced every song on her upcoming EP, Stereoscope. I’m looking forward to that.

This is her new single on Birds Records/X5 Music Group.
A beautiful haunting song full of angst and ethereal feeling.
This is destined to be on my play list for a long while.
Whale Song

Video made by Linn Carlson.
Produced by Mira Aasma.
Mixed by Robin Rudén and Mira Aasma @ Music-A-Matic.
Recorded by Mira Aasma, Robin Rudén, Kristian Anttila
Mastered by Robin Rudén


Now this is really different, a concert in the stairwell.
Great acoustics and a beautiful, yet stirring song.
I don’t know if Mira has recorded this yet, but I’ll be looking.

Göteborg Sessions is all about promoting creativity and live music! We want to capture moments like this and share the magic that happens when talented people do what they love. We strive to highlight independent talents from our beloved city here in Sweden, and also share our city with musicians from all over the world.

? Alfred Johansson

Another live session, this time for the Luminous Kollektivet.

An awesome song making full use of the amazing vocal range of Mira Aasma.

Into The Wild

Film av: Konrad Söderberg, Vidar Norén


We’ll end up today with a live version of her first single.
This is at a concert in a club – Pustervik on Järntorgsgatan 12, 413 01 Göteborg, Sweden.I do wish that people would turn the phone sideways, but the sound is excellent. And I wonder who that young lady is that laying down such an awesome percussion accompaniment.