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Mary Spender

Mary Spender is a blues singer/songwriter based in Bristol. She has toured the UK and US over the past few years, with recent highlights of supporting Gabrielle Aplin and Ian McCulloch, as well as performing at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. The Bluebird Cafe is a fun place to see amazing talent, a real fun night out for music lovers.

Heck if Seasick Steve gave her the nod, that’s good enough for me.
In addition the lovely young lady is having her album release show in London with her full band on my birthday. Honoured I am. 24th October in case you didn’t know.

So let’s check out some of the amazing music that Mary Spender makes, and also some of her filmmaking skills.

A beautifully made travel film, by Mary, about her vacation to the wonderful island of Crete. Made all the better because I was there once so it brings back happy memories. All to the soundtrack of one of her marvelous songs. Is there no end to her talent? I think I read somewhere this was the first songs she ever wrote. Really? That’s amazing.

? © JamieCorbin.co.uk

Another great video from a couple of years back, very atmospheric.
And the song, man the song. Why was this not a huge hit?
This song has every thing, great chorus, great bridge, amazing backing, just brilliant.
Blues Duet

Mixed and Produced by Ant West
Recorded at The Burrow, London
Mastered by Red Red Paw
Filmed in Nashville and Knoxville, TN, USA and Frankfurt, Germany
Vocals, Guitars, Bass Guitar, Viola — Mary Spender
Keys — Layla
Backing Vocals and Additional Programming — Ant West


I’ll let Mary introduce this next piece.
“Here’s an archived instrumental guitar video I put up on Facebook a while back. I filmed it on my 25th birthday using my Hepworth Acoustic Guitar. I hope you enjoy it.”
Well I certainly enjoyed it, this young lady certainly can play the guitar, it’s not too often nowadays that people develop their skills to this level on acoustic guitar. A beautiful piece which really gels with its title.
End of Summer Vibes


Just for fun here’s a great cover. How could someone with such a sweet and melodious voice cover Nirvana? Very Well thank you.
And that Vigier guitar is something else.
Smells Like Teen Spirit


This final song if from her earlier, acclaimed EP, Faux Americana. Blues Duet, above, was also on this EP. You can find the EP at all fine download purveyors. No mention of where this video was shot, but I have to believe somewhere on the south-west of England. Beautiful countryside.