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Marcela Bovio


You probably know today’s artist from her earlier days in the band Stream of Passion which was a Dutch progressive metal band with symphonic, Latin and Gothic influences founded by guitarist and composer Arjen Anthony Lucassen and our artist today Mexican singer, violinist, lyricist and songwriter Marcela Bovio. The band disbanded this year.

This lady has no limits in the talent department.
Marcela Bovio is a soprano was also one of the founding members of the Mexican band Elfonía.

Marcela is now setting out on her own solo career, to this end she is releasing her first solo album, “Unprecedented”, to be released September 23. I for one can’t wait.

So let’s give you a little tease.

Beautiful voice, beautiful song and ohh those strings.
This track is the complete package, beyond cool.
It is the first single of Marcela’s upcoming solo album “Unprecedented”.

Video by ADEH


Track eight from the upcoming solo album “Unprecedented”, to be released September 23. A very dramatic piece, maybe it’s the video, it could be from a very tense movie. Or the song itself could be a tense movie. Another beautiful piece.
Saboteurs (official lyric video)


We’ll finish up with a reminder of her previous career with the band.
What a powerful band they were and Marcela’s voice soars to lead them.
Stream of Passion ~ Monster


Track Listing

1- Hay Amores
2- The Treasure Hunter
3- Found!
4- Dime
5- The Cartographers
6- Powerless
7- Alicia
8- Saboteurs
9- Stars
10- The One

You can pre-order the new album here (digital).

or CD / Vinyl here.