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Mandolin Orange

Mandolin Orange are a very talented duo from North Carolina. They are purveyors of very sweet sounding bluegrass, country and folk music.

Mandolin Orange are Emily Franz (guitar, vocals) Andrew Marlin (mandolin, vocals).

Mandolin Orange released their latest album, Blindfaller, a little while back and if you don’t have it I would recommend you check it out.

So let’s get to the music.

This was the first song I heard from this talented duo, I saw the title and had to hear it. I am a rabid Bob Dylan fan and this is one of his best songs, in addition I am a big fan of Spanish leather boots. I owned a pair once, purchased in Spain and they were the greatest pair of footwear I ever owned.
And I’m so glad I stopped to check out this track, it is totally beautiful.
Their voices are totally different to each other yet they blend perfectly on the harmonies. Likewise the combination of violin and guitar is sublime. This is an Audiotree Live production.
Boots of Spanish Leather 

Mandolin Orange perform “Boots of Spanish Leather” by Bob Dylan on Audiotree Live, April 15, 2014.

Next up, another Audiotree Live production, this time an original song.
The same sublime vocal and violin/guitar combinations. Beautiful song.
There Was A Time

Mandolin Orange perform “There Was A Time” on Audiotree Live, April 15, 2014.

They have a dance for my favorite spirit? This is another original track performed for Folk Alley and recorded in Saranac Lake, NY.
Just a laid back home town song. Beautiful in its simplicity.
Waltz About Whiskey

Filmed and recorded by Beehive Productions in collaboration with FolkAlley.

As we wander though their catalog of original songs one cannot help but think that they are very talented songwriters, there’s some beautiful stuff here.
Case in point this little gem. The toughest part is which songs to include and which to exclude, they’re all marvelous.
Runnin’ Red

Filmed and Edited by Alex Loops

Finally today a song from the new album, Blindfaller, recorded @ Mokum Sessions which strives to deliver in your face acoustic music videos of talented musicians, filmed in beautiful Amsterdam. A beautiful song in the perfect setting the beautiful city of Amsterdam.
Hey Stranger

Check out Mokum Sessions