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Maja Francis


Here’s another in the seemingly never-ending line of beautiful Swedish singers who are making the pop world so much better.
Maja Francis hails from Ängelholm, Sverige which is not too far from Helsingborg where they have a ferry (HH Ferry Route) to Helsingør in Danmark. Which I have traveled on many times. Small world. Why you might say, well Helsingør is classically known in English as Elsinore which is known for its castle Kronborg, where William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet is set. So of course I would visit it, and the Ferry opens its duty-free bar as soon as they set sail.

But I digress, let’s get back to the beautiful Maja and her wonderous voice.

She recently released her “Come Companion” EP, which you need to get.

Check out this latest release, it really grows on you.
Play it once, it’s good. Play it twice and you are hooked, you’ll play it more and more.
Come Companion

Video made by Julia Nilsson & Magnus Bengtsson
Special thanks to Johannes Runemark and Julia Groop


Maja has to be the brightest and most colorful young ladies I’ve seen in a while. Love the flowery viking funeral. This is a whole new pop sound to get into. This was her debut single, just last month.
Last Days Of Dancing

Director: Sheila Johansson
Producer: Joel Rostmark / Linnea Andersson


We’ll finish off with a live version of the first song featured @ P3 Guldgalan, which is a Scandinavian song competition.

Come Companion