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Lizzy Rose

? Gary Issacs

Lizzy Rose hails from Seattle, WA but is probably spending more time in LA and all around the states nowadays. She has a band who are Jeremy Shanok and Nate Munski.
The make Eclectic Weirdo Indie Freak Folk Rock music.

From her Bio:
Lizzy Rose is a captivating performer and should not be missed. She has an aura that welcomes and includes audiences in her journey. Her voice grabs at the soul and conveys a message of love and acceptance to the listener. Her songs and words are both catchy and deeply spiritual. There is hope for humanity pouring out of every lyric.

There is an honesty and clarity in Lizzy Rose’s voice and composition that evokes a feeling of being home.

I have to agree with all that, her voice is totally captivating.

So, enough of the verbiage, lets let to the music. And what great music it is.

This is their latest release.
I just love this song, not sure why but there is just something about it that grabs me. The video is a tad strange, but there you go.
Terrific vocals and great accompaniment. What else could one ask for? Enjoy.
Walk the Walk (You’re a Whore)

Mixed/Mastered by: Ari Raskin
Recorded by: Eric Loomis
Produced by: Lizzy Rose and Jeremy Shanok
Edited by Lizzy Rose
Starring Nate Munski as “The Whore”
Band: Lizzy Rose, Jeremy Shanok, Nate Munski, Hamilton Skrabanek
Camera : Nick Tobin, Jeremy Shanok


Here’s Lizzy Rose with Jeremy Shanok, the pyramids, some Egyptian angels? and who knows what else. A very cool video and a brilliant song. I’m liking Lizzy Rose’s voice more and more. A very well produced song.
The Golden Age

? Amanda Rose Roper

I thought I determined a streak of quirkiness before, now I’m sure. This song is from the Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton.
This is a beautiful rendition of the song.
Sally’s Song

Video produced by Lizzy Rose and Andrew Evan John
Song produced by Lizzy Rose and Sam Miller
Original song by Danny Elfman


When I saw that Lizzy had covered one of my favorite Kate Bush songs, I opened the video with trepidation. After all this is an all time classic, and I don’t recall hearing another version by anyone. But I was happily relieved to find this great version. Kick back and enjoy.
Wuthering Heights

Video by Raven Schillereff
Original song/choreography by Kate Bush
Special thanks Tessa Wigand


Wow! Shades of Bob Dylan. A deft touch with the harmonica, this is a beautiful song just performed perfectly. I am really in love with this young ladies voice. This is from a couple of years ago, it is just the boss.
A Better Day

Video by Chris Matthews
September 2014
Joonior Studios
Seattle, WA


OK, OK hold the presses. I thought that golden outfit was familiar, then I was looking for photographs to use in this piece. I found that photo above and I knew I had seen her before on the Flaming Lips Dark Side of the Moon set. That will teach me to scroll down a bit more when investigating artists sites. The whole set was on one of the VH1 channels, and if you have not seen it, search for it.
The Flaming Lips Live at Red Rocks “Great Gig in the Sky” Lizzy Rose


So sadly we have to close today, but what better way.
Remember that first song? Of course you do.
Well here’s a great live version @Lost Lake Lounge, Denver CO earlier this year. Nice to see a band who can deliver live.
You’re A Whore

Close-up stage Camera: Andrew John


OK, so I lied. But you’ll be happy. Check out Lizzy Rose‘s fabulous album.
Crocodile Tears