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Liv Dawson

Meet today a young lady, a teenager even, Liv Dawson from London.
She is a singer songwriter, and based on her debut single she has a very promising future.

While researching Liv Dawson I went to her record company. Rocket Music, and this was what they had to say about her.

Everything you need to know about Liv Dawson is in her debut track, ‘Tapestry’: it is intimate, elegant and spellbinding, simple yet evocative, classic feeling but distinctly contemporary. It is highlighted by lyrics and vocals that are wise and confident well beyond her years. As far as introductions go, it’s a stirring first offering from the young UK artist and an enchanting promise of more to come.

That pretty much sums it up, so all that is left is for you to hear the track which is something totally laid back and cool for a dreamy Saturday morning.