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Lauren Marsh


Meet Lauren Marsh a very talented Indie Alternative Singer/Songwriter from
New Jersey.
On her new terrific new EP “Veracity” Lauren tells stories about discovering inner strength and takes the listener on a journey to remember.

Lauren Marsh’s sound is inspired by her first loves: classic rock and jazz. Debut EP “Ready for Takeoff”, honored with the JAM Award for “Top Indie EP of the Year”, and The Incurable Heart combined driving rock-like pianos and guitars with jazz enthused vocals to illuminate her ups and downs.

OK, so we know why we’re here, lets get to the music.

First up a simply beautiful song with the pure sound of Lauren’s voice.
This song is from her recent EP “Veracity”, something to look out for.
This song was featured on NCIS (another TV show I don’t watch, sigh) and since that time it has exceeded a million plays on Spotify. Certainly the song deserves that much play time, it’s simply the best.
Dear Love


Here’s a great road movie, with a terrific sound track. This is also from the Veracity EP.
Never Let You Go


Great concept video from coffee shop to performance with a great song.
I just can’t get over how beautiful her voice is, clear as a bell.

Music by: Lauren Marsh and Chris Badami
Lyrics by: Lauren Marsh

Director: Laura DeSantis-Olsson, ldophoto.net
Producer: Chris Badami


Amazing coincidence or is someone psychic? As I’m writing this I find this video which just dropped one hour ago. It’s a beautiful live performance of an original song.

Original Song “Austin” by Lauren Marsh – Live Performance – Fan Favorite

Filmed/Edited by Ryan Hansen
Mixed/Mastered by Chris Badami


What does one do when they come across a beautiful lady in the woods with a ukulele? Why stop and listen of course. And well worth the trek though the woods it is.
We Hit the Ground

Audio By: Chris Badami of Portrait Recording Studios, Pompton Plains, NJ
Filmed & Edited by: Ryan Hansen


Something completely different, another great song and the great voice of course. But this time with a full band instead of the minimalistic approach we saw previously.

Directed/Edited by Laura Desantis-Olsson http://ldophoto.net
Mixed/Mastered by Chris Badami of Portrait Recording Studios, Pompton Plains, NJ.
Drums – Chris Badami
Guitar – John Ferrara
Bass – Mike Klemash