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Kree Harrison


We all remember Kree Harrison from her days on Idol. At the time I was sure that there was a big future for her.

Kree Harrison hails from Port Arthur, Texas, U.S. The birthplace of another awesome lady singer, I’m sure you may have heard of her Janis Joplin.
Maybe there is something in the water of Port Arthur that produces phenomenal singers.

Well here we go with the next step in her career, her new album “This Old Thing”.

And from what I’ve heard of it so far, it’s a beaut.

I know, let’s get to the music.

First up an acoustic version of the title track from the new album.
Kree’s voice as always phenominal.
This Old Thing – Acoustic Performance


This next song is not on the album, but a wonderful cover of the song Prince wrote for Sinéad O’Connor. Kree’s voice here is just beautiful, and the feeling is just beautifully plaintive.

Nothing Compares 2 U


Here we have Kree Harrison and Keith Urban playing live at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, producing an awesome version of the Kris Kristofferson classic.

Help Me Make It Through The Night


This dang song is so good, gotta play the official release version.
This Old Thing (Official Music Video)

Producer: Jason Lee Denton
Camera: Steve Voss
PA: Aliegh Shields Denton
Location: Silverpoint Studios


Finally today one of my favorites of the album, this is a live version.  The only other info as to where it was is that it was recorded in Orange, TX 5/21/16.  It is obviously recorded on a smart phone, good sound quality.

He Called Me Baby