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Kim Logan

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Kim Logan arose from the swamps and beaches of Sarasota, Florida after a decade in the opera industry, to write songs and make records in Nashville.
Kim was educated at the Berklee College of Music, and added years of hands-on learning in various honky-tonks traveling the great highways of America.
In addition to the release of her debut self-titled album, Kim has published poetry and essays, consulted on and served as muse for fashion designers and vintage curators, and collaborated with everyone from filmmakers, to burlesque and hoop dancers, to portrait artists, in interdisciplinary displays of performance art.

The second oeuvre of Kim’s work, “Pseudoscience,” began its release in August of 2016. The first two chapters are produced and developed by the formidable sonic wizards Vance Powell (Jack White, Chris Stapleton), and Brett Orrison (The Black Angels). Kim continues to innovate, reinvent, and create from nothing. Kim is also an ensemble/comprimario singer with the Nashville Opera company, and can be seen in productions throughout their festival season.
A classic, craftsman’s songwriting sensibility, paired with sonic homage to each unique sub-genre in history which has influenced her, makes for Kim’s gap-bridging, line-blurring, time-traveling sound.

But bottom line, Kim Logan is one hell of a blues singer.

So let’s check out some of her catalog.

First up her latest release, some really swampy blues. Gotta love a song about a long black Cadillac, with awesome guitar work all round. You can hear that Kim’s voice has had some beautiful training, so clear and pure, yet a goodly touch of grit for the blues. She was made to sing the blues.

“Cadillac” written and performed by Kim Logan. All rights reserved, 2016, Swamp Thing Records. Recorded and engineered at Sputnik Sound in Nashville, TN by Vance Powell.

Kim Logan – vocals, electric guitar
Ricky Dover Jr. – electric guitar
Dominic Davis – electric bass
Daniel Ellsworth – keys
Jamie Walters – drums

Some more great shimmering blues type guitar sounds, and what a voice. This is one track that deserves a permanent spot on the play list.
Better Way

Written and performed by Kim Logan. Recorded by Brett Orrison at Century Recordings in Dripping Springs, TX + assisted by Brad Bell. Mastered by Brett Orrison.

Kim Logan – vocals, electric guitar
Gyasi Heus – electric guitar
Ricky Dover Jr. – electric guitar
Amaia Agirre – B3 organ
Cody Reid – electric bass
Houston Mathews – drums
Brendan Lazar – percussion

Directed + Produced by Kim Logan, Michael Alley, Cody Reid
Shot by Michael Alley + Cody Reid
Styled by Kim Logan
Edited by Cody Reid

All Rights Reserved, Swamp Thing Records 2016.

We jump in the wayback machine to pop back a couple of years and we have this gem.
Kicking of with no instruments, just hand clapping as a background then the band kicks in to give a real kick butt and take names rockin’ rompin’ good time. Enjoy.
Black Magic Boy

Directed by Trillbee the Hooligan & tINO bUGG
Written by Kim Logan
Produced by Gaelen Mitchell & Kim Logan

Kim Logan – Vocals
Gaelen Mitchell – Drums
Matthew Paige – Guitar
Ronald Marsh – Bass

Here’s another of those great Balcony TV videos where you get a great live performance from the star of our page today. Straight to Nashville from the Florida swamp. Complete with some spooky swampy blues.
Voodoo Man


This is a new production company to me, but check out this awesome track recorded live on Mando Blues Show.
The Road Is My Middle Name

Gonna finish with something different from Kim a touch of psychedelic music from the 60’s.
Western Medication

The WDVX Blue Plate Special is a live performance radio show held at noon, Monday through Saturday, at the WDVX studio inside the Knoxville Visitor’s Center. Come and play your part as an audience member in the radio show that’s popular worldwide!

OK, just one more slice of the music pie, check out her new album.
Pseudoscience: Chapter 1

? Michael Alley