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Katrina Marie


Today we meet Katrina Marie who is a Boston-based singer/songwriter with a sweet, soulful and sultry voice.

She transcends genres with a repertoire ranging from pop rock to jazz and soul.

And that’s about it, she does not have much of an internet presence so it’s hard to track down information. Even her supposed to be FB page ends up at a FB standard “Sorry, this content isn’t available right now”.

But bottom line this is one young lady with an awful lot of talent.

So let’s get to the music.

We’ll start with an amazing cover of one of my favorite Shirelles songs.
Written of course by the awesome songwriting team of Carole King & Gerry Goffin.
Katrina’s voice exudes the sadness of this great song.
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow


This next one is Katrina’s most recent release. An original song, with a hint of Otis Redding. Man, this young lady has an old soul when she produces stuff like this. Awesome, I love it.


Ok, so now Katrina is getting a bit more contemporary, and a lot more daring. Anyone who sings an Amy song knows they are going to be compared to her. This is no impersonation type cover, Katrina makes the song very much her own. Karim and Dave providing a tight and unique backing.
You Know I’m No Good

Vocals: Katrina Marie
Percussion: Karim Georges
Guitar: Dave Cohen
Audio and Video Production: Cory Staats
Recorded at: Brandy Pete’s Open Mic


Here’s another of Katrina’s own songs, a song that attests to the truth in women. They never forget. If you remember that your life will be improved to no end. I’m talking to the men here. Joking aside another great song.
Don’t Think Just Feel

Vocals and Acoustic Guitar: Katrina Marie
Percussion and Video Production: Karim Georges
Electric Guitar: Dave Cohen
Audio Engineering: Jeff Gallagher
Cinematography and Editing: John Thordarson
Videography: Steve Miloszewski and CJ Kanouff
Recorded at Jamspot


I mentioned Otis Redding earlier, and now I find Katrina bravely doing a cover. And wow what a cover. She is accompanied by Zach Comtois on guitar, and it feels like we are all down on the dock of the bay with Otis.
These Arms of Mine