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Kaleo is a kick ass rock n’ roll band from Iceland, who are now based in the USA.

Kaleo is:
JJ Julius Son – Vocals, guitar
David Antonsson – Drums, vocals
Daniel Kristjansson – Bass
Rubin Pollock – Lead guitar

I became aware of Kaleo with HBO’s short-lived series “Vinyl”, one season and done. But that was not Kaleo’s fault, their music is just too good.
Then I let them slip under my radar until yesterday when a FB friend posted a couple of their tracks. I listened to them, and then some more and now I am totally hooked. Fanatical fan for life. I just love this band.

They released their new album a few months back, the album “A/B” is simply amazing. I’ve rounded up a few tracks from the album, plus some others. If nothing else as a bookmark for me when I need to hear some ass-kicking rock n’ roll.

First up we have this live track recorded here on an iceberg at Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon, talk about a spectacular background.
I guess if you grow up in Iceland you are used to the cold, but that looks really chilly to me. Brrrrrr.
Save Yourself

Video produced by Eyk Studio

Director – Hörður Freyr Brynjarsson
D.O.P & A Camera – Baldvin Vernharðsson
Production Manager – Einar Ólafsson
B Camera – Pétur Már Pétursson & Stroud Rohde
Gaffer & Grip – Sindri Steinarsson
Recorded and mixed by Arnar Gudjonsson
Sound assistant – Ryan Rooney
Focus Puller – Viktor Aleksander Bogdanski
Drone operator – Arnar Þór Þórsson
Stylist/Make-up – Dorothea Olesen Halldórsdóttir
Driver – Ólafur Garðar Gunnarsson & Ingólfur Arason
Runner – Caleb Strecker


OK, so they did an iceberg, what next? Well easy, let’s shoot a live performance inside Prihnukagigur volcano in Iceland.
I love this song, it almost should have been written for “The Wire” it would have been a perfect fit.
Way Down We Go

Video produced by Eyk Studio

Director – Hörður Freyr Brynjarsson
D.O.P – Baldvin Vernharðsson
Gaffer & Focus – Pétur Már Pétursson
B Camera – Stroud Rohde
C Camera – Sindri Steinarsson
Drone operator – Arnar Þór Þórsson
Recorded and mixed by Arnar Gudjonsson
Sound assistant – Nate Pittsburgh Dickinson
Production assistants – Einar Ólafsson , Friðþór Nordkvist, Þorleifur Gaukur Davíðsson, Jason Rardin
Editor – Hörður Freyr Brynjarsson
Grade – Gus Bendinelli
Sound designer – Pétur Már Pétursson
Graphics – Gabríel B. Bachmann, Elsa Jónsdóttir, Björn Loki


This is the song featured in the HBO series “Vinyl”, a live performance recorded at United Record Pressing. That guitar is sick, gut wrenching good, love it. This song totally embodies rock n’ roll, this is the real deal. I doubt we’ll hear a more authentic rock n’ roll track anytime soon.
No Good

Director: Shaun Silva
Production Company: TackleBox Films
Producer: Carey Nelson Burch
Editor: Lee Tucker
Post Production Facility: FORWARD


Next up, just to show they can we have a pure blues track.
Recorded live on KEXP another awesome track from Kaleo.
Listen to this with your eyes closed and you’d swear you were in the Delta.
Broken Bones

Host: John Richards
Audio Engineer: Kevin Suggs
Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Scott Holpainen & Justin Wilmore
Editor: Luke Knecht


I heard this and just had to put it out here.
A great song by Cher, and this has to be the best cover of it I’ve heard to date. This version was recorded live @ SiriusXM and it starts of so gently, and then the knife in JJ’s voice steps up a notch. Another awesome track from Kaleo.
Bang Bang


Gonna leave you with an awesome 30 minutes from Red Rocks Premieres.
There’s nothing else to say, just rock on.

1 Broken bones 0:43-4:35
2 I walk on water 4:37-9:57
3 I can’t go on without you 9:58- 15:36
4 Way down we go 17:20- 20:47
5 No good 21:11- 24:50
6 Rock n’ Roller 24:53- 30:00