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Julissa Ricart

Julissa Ricart is a very talented singer / songwriter / pianist who hails from Rhode Island. In addition she is a dab hand at making videos. Nowadays she hangs out in New York.

In her profile she says:
I am Julissa Ricart an Artist/Musician.
Songwriter, Music and Video Producer
A Fighter for FREEDOM and EQUALITY.
A Fan. Admirer of those who fight for their dreams
I want to make your heart beat faster and go where I go.

Well, one listen to her music and your heart will beat faster, if not then check your pulse. Julissa is one very exciting talent.

Enough of the verbiage, it’s time for the music.

This first track, is the first I heard from Julissa, her beautiful and stylish very different Amy Winehouse cover. Great song, great original singer, great cover.
Back To Black

Video Produced by Julissa Ricart. Guitar: Jorge Mateo

Check out this amazing self-made video of her original song.
A great song, very contemporary, She’s about a mover, I’m really surprised this never made it to the top of the charts.

Video Directed and Produced by Julissa Ricart
Music produced by Pablo Manavello

One of my favorite Lana del Rey songs and the young and beautiful Julissa Ricart with the amazing voice is singing it. Heaven. Another self-made video, a very very talented young lady that’s for sure.
Young and Beautiful

Video Produced by Julissa Ricart

A beautiful song by Julissa, sung as a duet with Jorge Mateo. Gotta love a song sung in one of the two or three romance languages. And they have fun at the end.
Adios Mi Corazon 

Letra y Música: Julissa Ricart
Guitarra y voz: Jorge Mateo
Piano y Producción: Julissa Ricart

So we close the video section with the first song Julissa wrote in Miami.
I don’t know if that means first song ever, but it is a beautiful song. And I just can’t get over the voice of Julissa Ricart, pure soulful beauty.

Music and Lyrics by Julissa. All Rights Reserved.

Finally today a few tracks to listen to for the rest of the day. Enjoy.