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Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation


Today we have another treat for you, some simply amazing sounds.

Taking their moniker from the notion of ‘Liberation Upon Hearing In The Between’ from the Tibetan Book Of The Dead, Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation took little time to make their mark on the wider world, brandishing a radiant sound that stands effortlessly apart from the increasingly staid and often paradoxically predictable world of modern psychedelia.

Josefin Öhrn is another of those beautiful young ladies with awesome pipes who hail from Sweden. It’s the water I tell you, the water.

Currently you could find Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation in any country in Europe, they are touring extensively. And they are just releasing their new album “Mirage”, which is dropping officially on October 14. This is an album you don’t just hear, you feel it, it enters your body.

OK, enough of that, let’s get to the music.

Amazing awesome hypnotic sounds, with that beautiful voice over the top of it. I could have this on repeat all day. This is from their brilliant album Mirage.
In Madrid / Rainbow Lollipop

C+P Rocket Recordings 2016


Let’s take a little train ride, a wonderful perfect beat for the ride. And of course we have the beautiful sound of Josefin’s voice. The track is from an earlier album “Horse Dance”. Loving the trippy video.
Take Me Beyond

Video By: Christian Saldert
C+P Rocket Recordings 2015

? Rebecca Cleal

Another track from “Horse Dance”, and this one really rocks on.
The beautiful Josefin as ever in fine voice. And some amazing video trickery.
Sunny Afternoon

Video By: Johnny O (Rocket Recordings)
C+P Rocket Recordings 2016


Let’s get back to the new album, Mirage. If this is the single edit, I can’t wait to get a hold of the album to hear the full version. Another hypnotic piece.
Rushing Through My Mind (Single Edit)

Directed by Charlie Swann
Edit by Charlie Swann and Aurora Black
C+P Rocket Recordings 2016


I just had to include this awesome live performance @ Orange Blossom Special 20 back in May this year. Still a train ride albeit a windy one.
OBS is held annually in Beverungen, which is a tiny little town deep in the middle of nowhere somewhere in Germany. Which does not explain the wind, I guess you had to be there. It’s great to be able to compare live versions to recorded ones.
Take Me Beyond




I’ll leave you with this slice of their live performance @ Eindhoven Psych Lab 2016 earlier this year. A big thank you to 35007ed for the upload.