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Jordan Reyne


I recently stumbled across this amazing young lady. I really like the divergence of her sounds. I’m a bit late to the party, but hopefully I can catch up.

Jordan Reyne is an experimental musician originally from New Zealand, now living in the UK. Jordan’s sound has been variously described as “industrial-tinged folk“ and “antipodean Steampunk” yet defies any cut and dried genre description. She combines the two usually disparate genres of folk and industrial, bringing in Celtic vocal melody, historically based narrative and the sounds of steam, iron and industrial “found sound”. Several of her releases are set in the time of the Industrial Revolution.

So that’s got the background filled in, let’s get to the music.

Where to start? Where to start?

I’ll let Jordan tell you about my first selection.

Birth Ritual is the first track from the EP trilogy “Maiden, Mother, Crone” and is a tale about the rituals surrounding the gender construct – how we learn to perform the dances required of us based on our physicality at birth. Jordan Reyne

This is a hypnotic all-encompassing track. With a very evocative video.
Love it.
Birth Ritual

Made entirely with archive footage purchased from Shuttterstock


Steampunk Goth at it’s finest. A truly out of the norm song.
I’m digging it.
The Washing Machine Song

City of Women Festival, Menza pri koritu @ AKC Metelkova City, Ljubljana, Slovenia, October 12, 2015


Once again we’ll let Jordan set the scene.

A tale of a man who refuses to pay the price for his choices, by attempting to avoid making any. Sadly, not choosing often turns out to be a choice of it’s own. Jordan Reyne
Jordan’s voice on this track is awesomely amazing.  Awesomely not sure if that is a word, but it is a feeling.
The Ferryman

A shadow puppet video made on almost zero budget, but with a lot of sellotape.
Music by Jordan Reyne
Story, set and character design by Jordan Reyne
Puppeteers Jordan Reyne & Alvin Chua


OK, this is my favorite track from Jordan. The percussion, the surrounding sound, that voice, the passion and the way the song progresses. Just Awesome. And a little bit scary, in a good way.
The Annihilation Sequence

The title track to the electronic industrial album “The Annihilation Sequence”.
Video by Chris Baker.


We’ll finish up with a beautiful live recording of the track “Don’t Look Down” filmed by Chris B during a web broadcast gig in Jordan’s flat at Studio 45. Jordan makes use of two Digitech Harman Jamman loop pedals to build up the vocal and guitar layers live.
I’ve always been a fan of looping, maybe because there is a computer involved but it is mainly the talent of the artist.
Don’t Look Down