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Indila is an amazingly talented singer / songwriter who was born in Paris, her family is of Algerian descent, but she also has Indian, Cambodian and Egyptian roots. Which accounts for that Middle Eastern touch she has to her voice. And what a voice at times Edith Piaf and at other times Shakira and at all times perfectly clear as a bell.

Indila has collaborated with musicians such as Nessbeal, Rohff, TLF, Soprano and Youssoupha and has co-written with them in addition to co-writing with and for M. Pokora, Admiral T, DJ Abdel and Axel Tony.

This is the first song I heard from Indila, and I found it because the Amadeus Electric Quartet did an instrumental cover of it, and I so loved the tune I had to find the original, boy am I glad I did.

Wow!! What a song, and what a voice, truly the voice for the 21st Century.
And it looks like she saved the world. This is just the greatest.
Dernière Danse 

Compositeurs: Indila – Skalpovich
Auteur: Indila
Réalisateur du clip: Sylvain Bressollette

Another song I don’t understand the words, but I don’t care. It’s all in the sound, the purity of her voice. Sheer bliss. Sometimes even a touch of “The Little Sparrow”. Another great video along the way.
Tourner Dans Le Vide (Turn in the Void)

Compositeurs: Indila – Skalpovich
Auteur: Indila
Réalisateur du clip: Julien Bloch

Here’s another great song from Indila, this time we are live in Paris.
And she is going to get us running, or at the very least tapping our feet.
I am so in love with this young ladies voice. And the band are hypnotic to say the least, really tight yet wild.
Run Run

Another amazing song from Indila, for this one a fan has made a mashup of some of her other videos to go with the song. And what a song, the drums, the beat, and most of all the voice. Oh man, this is intense.

Thanks Ƭคᖇคރ‬‎

66+million views on You Tube, where the hell have I been.
That is the one truly sad fact about American media, artists like this just don’t get shown. Why? Because she sings in a different language to us.
If you listen to the melody and the sound the French language is even more beautiful when it is sung. And this is another awesome song with a brilliant video.
Love Story

Love Story, 5eme extrait de Mini World
Compositeurs: Indila – Skalpovich
Auteur: Indila
Réalisateur : Karim Ouaret

Recently Indila teamed up with H Magnum and they made this wonderful song and video. Indila is sounding amazing. I don’t know H Magnum, but will keep him close to my radar as he has an interesting voice and aura.
Garde l’équilibre


As I often try to do, I’m closing with a live version of the first video on the post. And boy what a treat this is. This was recorded in Paris (that’s as close as they give us) about a year ago. Her voice here has a middle eastern flavor to it at times, and then the “Little Sparrow” comes back.
Just beautiful.
Dernière Danse