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Iiris Viljanen

Iiris Viljanen is a highly talented singer / songwriter / rapper / pianist who hails from Vaasa the regional capital of Ostrobothnia (Swedish: Österbotten, Finnish: Pohjanmaa). But to make life easier she currently resides in Stockholm.

Iiris Viljanen is perhaps the most intensely neurotic one can see on a Swedish stage. Alone with a piano, she plays her very awkward and delightful songs. She sings and raps about each other, to their Finnish-Swedish accent.

Her music is the question hanging in the air, a message that is not answered, but which is “Shown 2.16”, an illustration of the eternal waiting at the right moment.

I’m not able to get much more background than that, my Norwegian language skills (ha ha) only allow so much, and sadly Google Translator doesn’t come up to snuff.

Any way it’s all about the music, and we have some wonderful music in store for you. Most of the music featured here is from Iiris’ new album “Mercedes”, make sure to add it to your Christmas list. Maybe Santa will bring it, if not then go get it.

So to the music.

This is one of the most haunting pieces of music I have heard in a long time, so beautiful in its simplicity. For some reason it brings to mind some of Eminem’s best stuff.
Starting with a beautiful poignant song and then gently merging into a gentle rap with herself. Even if you don’t understand it you have to be moved by it.
Årstavikens Strand

Regi: Robin Krey Andersson
Foto: Alex Bolevin

? Sandra Johnson

“Ska vi Fira”, “Shall we celebrate” in English, would appear to be a sort of Scandinavian “Girls just want to have fun” with a touch of Nordic gloom. But an enjoyable piece none the less.
Ska vi Fira

Regi: Robin Krey Andersson
DOP: Anton Österlund
B-Foto: Alessandro Berellini
Scenografi/kostym: Elina Sjöwall
Grade: Alessandro Berellini
Produktionsassistenter: Sebastian Johansson Micci och Mattias Rothman

? Oskari Härmä

Here’s something different a piano solo from a live appearance at Oceanen back in September. Showing a different side of Iiris. This is from her instrumental piano album, “Kiss Me, Stupid & 7 More Solo Piano Pieces”.
Oregano Ghost

Oceanen is the biggest concert venue in Göteborg, Sweden.

Iiris with the amazing Ane Brun

This is not your Bonnie Tyler song, no this is another original by Iiris Viljanen composition from the album “Mercedes” and it just grabbed me, so gentle and goosey creating. One of my favorites on the album so far. But I’m still playing it.
Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Total Eclipse of the Heart · Iiris Viljanen
From the album Mercedes
℗ 2016 Voi Elämä!

? Isabel Neib

OK, so it’s time to say farewell to Iiris for today, and I’ll leave you with this concert appearance at Grand, Malmö, Sweden supporting Laser och bas. Enjoy, I know I will. This young lady is a true teller of tales. And don’t forget the album, Mercedes.

? Jonathan Howell