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Haley Bonar


Haley Bonar (pronounced “honor”) hails from Saint Paul, MN.
Among her influences she lists Frida Khalo, Laurie Anderson, and Roger Miller, what a diverse selection and all among my favorites.
Haley Bonar is a singer / songwriter in the indie / alternative/ country / hardcore genres, very diverse. Haley  plays acoustic guitar, baritone electric guitar, electric guitar and Rhodes or Wurlitzer organ.

I’m so liking her music because every tune is different, and checking out her videos I’m guessing she has a wicked sense of humor.  You have to love that in a person.

Haley has recently released a couple of great videos that I just have to share with you all. Well that’s the background, let’s get to the music.

This is a very weird video, I like it. It’s rocked on by the throbbing fuzzy guitars. I’m really digging this song from Haley’s new album. The more I listen to it I go back to my original thoughts on the guitar, Telstar on acid. Great voice, great voice.
Kismet Kill

© GNDWIRE Records 2016
Director – Nicole Brending
Producer – Tanya K Silver
DP – Jules Ameel
Editing/Color – Nicole Brending

? Graham Tolbert Photography

Another track from the new album, opening with wonderful percussion which continues throughout the song.
I really like this song, very strange video.
I Can Change

© Haley Bonar 2016
Writer: Josh Quigley
Director: Josh Quigley
Produced By: Josh Quigley, Dusan Harminc and Stumptown Media


Finally today a live performance with Actual Wolf in the Ordway’s Concert Hall. This is a much gentler piece than the previous and displays Haley’s range and what a beautiful voice she has. Actual Wolf is no slouch either and there are some awesome harmonies here.
Oh Baby You Can’t Leave Me

? Graham Tolbert Photography