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Circa Paleo

Today we have a great treat in store, the amazing band Circa Paleo. They make beautiful enjoyable exciting music.

The band Circa Paleo are:
Jenny on violin (aka The Hot Violinist)
Joshua on drums and bass
James the hottest guitar picker
Jake on bass and drums
Jay also on bass and drums
Michelle on violin
Kelly another guitar slinger
Corrin on violin and cello

Circa Paleo are a mainly Texas-based group who are striving to create energetic and emotionally raw music inspired by instrumental folk melodies and grooves from around the globe. Since 2009 they have released four recordings and toured the nation performing at festivals and folk venues.

They are fascinated by pieces of music from so many corners of the world and they love to keep these sounds flowing to live audiences, they have a rotating line-up of traveling musicians. They generally perform as a four piece, but sometimes bring out the five-piece super-group. Welcome to Circa Paleo. [paraphrased from their bio]

What I can add it that they provide totally enjoyable music, music to make you smile and/or dance. You just cannot help yourself.

The toughest dilemma I had in making up this post was musical selection, there are so many brilliant tunes out there. So I guess I have narrowed it down to my favorite selections.

Since today is the first day of fall and winter is coming I had to include this terrific version of one of my all time favorite TV series themes.
This was recorded @Texas Renfair. You’ll notice a lot more instruments than listed above, it would appear that give them an instrument and at least one of them will be able to play it.
Game of Thrones Theme

Jay and Jessie! ? by Joe Spitler

Here are Circa Paleo at The Mucky Duck in Houston Texas. This song is called Drew Drusnaar and can be found on their Tideland CD and the Live Concert DVD.  You can buy them here.
You can definitely hear the Norwegian folk violin tones in this tune, and I would like to think that the vikings played their drums that way to keep the beat for the poor suckers who were rowing those viking ships across the North Sea to attack England.
Drew Drusnaar (Viking Song)

Jenny ? by Dale Ramp This guy does awesome portraits

I just love the sound of gypsy music, whether it is in Budapest or the gypsy swing as purveyed by Django and his Hot Club five in Paris. And I really like it when it has that middle eastern touch that you hear here. Chills.
Let Jenny (The Hot Violinist) explain this song for you.
Here is an original tune, performed by Circa Paleo, written by me and Mark Varelas. We used an exotic scale that was introduced to me as the Greek Hitzaz scale.
Patsheeva Gypsy Tune

For all you aspiring musicians you can get the sheet music here at The Hot Violinist.


Ohh bliss, this is one of my all time faves, the best Led Zeppelin song ever IMHO.  And they truly do it justice.
Circa Paleo playing Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” at their final performance at So Cal Renaissance Faire.


Finally today something unusual, as in lack of vocals, but Jenny’s haunting violin makes a beautiful replacement for Grace. This could be from a Psychedelic Renaissance Festival. And Kelly’s awesome rabbit ears are just the crème de la crème.
White Rabbit

PA Ren Faire