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Grace McLean


A great young lady for your entertainment. Grace McLean of the amazing voice. Born to musicians in Southern California Grace had an early entry into the crazy entertainment business. She earned her BFA in Drama from New York University and has acted on Broadway many times.

Here’s her very sparse Facebook bio:  Grace began writing her own ditties in 2007 and has developed a sparse, plunky style that underlines her often irreverent, always truthful lyrics and highlights the main instrument: her soulfully honest voice. Grace McLean and Them Apples have been playing professionally since their debut performance at Joe’s Pub in 2009.

From her Bandcamp page:
Called “electrifying” by The Huffington Post, Grace McLean has a sound that combines Regina Spektor’s quirkiness, Nellie McKay’s jazz sensibilities, and Fiona Apple’s irreverence. Manhattan User’s Guide writes “this pop and jazz singer writes seriously infectious melodies with seriously antic lyrics. Her voice can raise the roof, or she can slide off a note and break your heart.”

I stumbled on to her new single earlier today.
And it just blew my mind. The multi-tracking and looping of her voice is just way beyond cool.

releases August 1, 2016
Music by Grace McLean
Lyrics by Grace McLean, Wally Peters, Grant Edwards, Jeff Talbott, Brady McKenna, Ginger Kearns, Marie Ocho, Pamby1, Anonnymouse, Sassafras
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Terry Derkach.


Here’s Grace singing the heck out of a Queen classic. No easy feat. And what an amazing set of accompanists. A treat for the ears. And all live at Lincoln Center American Songbook earlier this year in April.
Somebody To Love


Here’s Grace from a couple of years back with more vocal gymnastics. Grace performs at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City on March 19, 2012. Amazing how she keeps going with the loops and voice overs. I remember as a kid at school the teachers tried to get us all going with “Frère Jacques”, where we all started at different times, and that was always a total disaster, unlike this awesome piece.
Natural Disaster


Grace McLean and Them Apples (Justin Goldner – bass, Hiroyuki Matsuura – percussion, Kate Ferber and Liana Stampur – vocals) perform at Rockwood Music Hall, NY, NY. And a great time was had by all, including the audience. Unabashed entertainment, no inhibitions here. Once again a display of her awesome voice.
My Friend’s Roommate


I found a different version of that first song, this time with some instrumentation. Performed live at Lincoln Center American Songbook


Sadly we must close, so here’s a great song to finish with. Recorded live at “Song Moments: Daniel Maté in Concert” @ NYMF 2013, Signature Studio Theater. This is another great display of vocal talent, and it should leave you with a smile on your face.
Starting Shit With You

Directed by Max Friedman // Music directed by Brian Usifer // Arranged by Maté // Orchestrated by Usifer and/or Maté
Recorded by Karen Marshall for Famous In NY