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Georgia Mae


Today another gem from the land down under. Meet brilliant singer/songwriter/producer, Georgia Mae, who hails from Brisbane. Currently splitting her time between Brisbane/Sydney/Los Angeles. She was recently working in the Los Angeles film & TV industry as a pop writer, recording artist and music supervisor which has helped to inspire Georgia Mae’s distinctive brand of electronic pop.

Based on her initial releases this year, this is on young lady who is destined to go places. So do you want to hear her? You betcha.

First up this terrific new release from Georgia Mae.
This is one amazing track, I’m just loving it. At times it reminds me of the Fiona Apple soundtrack for “The Affair”. and I’m not even sure why. Just a feel. But this song features beautiful vocals by Georgia, an awesomely fractured video. It is so hard to pigeon-hole this track, it is totally unique. All I can say is kick back and enjoy, again and again.

Director / Cinematographer / Editor / Colourist: Danny McShane
Additional Footage: Phoebe Galloway
Shot on the Sony A7Sii


This track is from earlier this year, and I’m beginning to sense Georgia is into quirky videos. Another perfect pop song, some sick electronic beats, beautiful voice and beautiful young lady. An ethereal dream.
Time With You

Director / Cinematographer / Editor / Colourist: Danny McShane


A hypnotic entry, another from earlier this year. What more can I say about her voice, perfection.
Keeper of the Key

Director / Cinematographer / Colourist: Danny McShane
Editor / Camera Assist / B Cam: Phoebe Galloway
Camera Assistants: Benji Wedrat, Cassie Warner
Additional footage by: Mitch Martinez
Shot on Sony A7S
Filmed in Brisbane / Australia


All ? Danny McShane