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Gabriella Cohen

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Another day, another great singer / songwriter, meet Gabriella Cohen who hails from Melbourne in the land down under. So much talent in Australia, but then again it is a big country.

Gabriella Cohen, is one half of Brisbane band, The Furrs, who has created an orchestral, psychedelic vibe, modernizing past musical themes on her own terms.

Her debut album ‘Full Closure and No Details’ on Captured Tracks will drop on March 3rd, 2017. Can’t wait.

Gabriella is possessed of a powerful, beautiful, unusual voice. And it comes out full force on her new album.

So are we ready for some music? Let’s go.

A really unique video for an awesome song. Half speaking and half singing, she draws out her words with relish, reminiscent of poetic musicians like Lou Reed or Leonard Cohen. Taking great care in her choice of words, Gabriella Cohen’s approach to language is equal parts thoughtful and rough, as she enlivens her lyrics with an unashamed confidence of one’s own rambling inner monologue. “Downtown” is one of twelve songs featured on her album, “Full Closure and No Details”, and is a slow, enunciated verbal illustration of the anxieties that come along with being in love.

Directed and Produced by Sky Richards in collaboration with Gabriella Cohen.

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Creating a good impression of a talented garage band in this next track, also from the debut album. It’s a sort of Lou Reed meets The Modern Lovers with a touch of Peter Gabriel and David Byrne in the video. Sounds odd when I say it that way but it works. Cool.
Sever the Walls

Produced, Directed & Conceived by Kate Babyshakes & Gabriella Cohen 2016.

? Jared O’Sullivan

Definite Leonard Cohen feel here, especially at the beginning. I really like this song, it seems to visit all different spots in the musical hemisphere. Gabriella is a very unique talent.
I Don’t Feel So Alive

Produced, Directed & Conceived by Kate Babyshakes & Gabriella Cohen 2016.

We are going to finish up with a couple of live performances.
Gabriella Cohen and her band stopped by the Triple R Performance Space during The International Pop Underground with Anthony Carew to play a live-to-air set to a room of Triple R subscribers. This song is entitled ‘Feelin’ Fine’, which appears on her album “Full Closure and No Details”. Great to hear her performing live.
Feelin’ Fine

Cameras by Errol Tyson.
Video production by Errol Tyson and Dylan Bird.

? Savvy Creative

And the real final video of today, this cool track (not on the new album) which was recorded live @ the Brighton Up Bar, Sydney in September last year.
I waited so long