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Flora Cash are a Scandi duo that have taken it upon themselves to sonically explore the diversity of human relationships. They go straight to places where tears are shed, chairs are thrown, discussions of parting are present, but the music is created regardless. Having “met” on Soundcloud and instantly e-hitting it off musically, their “atmospheric in theme and vibe” material had soon after been supported by the likes of Noisey US, Paste, The Music Ninja, Earmilk, Interview Magazine, NYLON and more.”

Flora Cash are Shpresa Lleshaj from Stockholm and Cole Randall from Minneapolis, not too far apart. Actually there are many cultural similarities, personally I love both those cities (in the summer).

And so they find their way here, and I for one am so happy to see (and hear) them. A beautifully talented duo.

This amazing brilliant piece is from their Mini-LP, “Can Summer Love Last Forever?”. With sounds like this it can.
This is the way I like to wake up in the morning, jump out of bed into the frozen wilderness, NOT.  But this is a beautiful song, such an awesome voice. Oh this is gonna be on the playlist for a long, long time. I give you Flora Cash.
For Someone

Written, produced and performed: Cole Randall, Shpresa Lleshaj

Directed & Produced: Benjamin Woolner & Jessica Sumner
Art Director: Jessica Sumner
Camera Operator: Benjamin Woolner
Edited: Benjamin Woolner & Jessica Sumner
Starring: Yvonne O’Sullivan, Andrew Thomson
Production Assistants: Callum Hurrell, Sarah Higgins, Emma Wylie
Set Photography: Sarah Higgins, Emma Wylie

Ⓟ & © 2016 Icons Creating Evil Art. All Rights Reserved

? Ariana LLeshaj

This one is from a couple of years back, a bit more folksy but with enjoyable harmonies. A nice laid back tune to help pass a lazy afternoon.
Freakin’ Love

Written, produced and performed: Cole Randall, Shpresa Lleshaj
From the EP: “Made It For You”

Directed & Produced: Cole Randall, Shpresa Lleshaj
Starring: Cole Randall, Shpresa Lleshaj
Filmed in: Stockholm, Sweden – June 2013

Ⓟ & © 2013 Flora Cash. All Rights Reserved.

? Stefan Lundaahl

Now! Really!
A great mini novella and a brilliant song. Not much else I can say about this song, it is just simply brilliant. Perfection.

Written, produced and performed: Cole Randall, Shpresa Lleshaj

Video by: Christofer Nilsson, Mohave Media

Angelica Smith
Anne Moot
Robert Ramirez

Ⓟ & © 2016 Icons Creating Evil Art. All Rights Reserved.


OK,  this is where we came in, except this is a live acoustic version.
And it is totally awesome, recorded in the middle of the Mohave Desert in one take. Two voices clear as a bell separate or in perfect harmony this is one beautiful piece.  And of course it comes into line with my preference for having a live version to compare to the studio version, and this one works perfectly.
For Someone

Written and performed: Cole Randall, Shpresa Lleshaj

Filmed & Produced: Christofer Nilsson, Mohave Media
Sound Assistants: Peter Malmgren, Emma Björck

Ⓟ & © 2016 Icons Creating Evil Art. All Rights Reserved.

? Christer Folkesson

We’ll close with their latest single. Why not start with it? You say.
Maybe saving the best for last! This is a masterpiece in sadness.
The lyrics are below if you want to sing along, as if.
Beautiful harmonies and voices.
Sadness Is Taking Over [Official HQ Audio]

Released on Icons Creating Evil Art.


When we were frozen you, you took the cold away…
when we were primal love
you took the old away

And now we go to bed and then you turn away
do you remember all we sacrificed? the pain

Sadness is taking over
your eyes your eyes
your mouth your mouth yeah
Sadness is taking over
your life your life
your mind your mind yeah

“and it’s like nothing ever happened ” don’t you tell me
“and it’s like nothing ever happened”
don’t you play with me

minutes, hours, seconds, eons go
i don’t i don’t we don’t need to know

we don’t have it, every answer still
could it be that we don’t own the will

see life in the right light
it’s a bright ride ain’t it baby?
one time we were so high
see the bright side won’t you baby?

Ⓟ 2016 Icons Creating Evil Art, All Rights Reserved