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Doe Paoro


Doe Paoro is more than just another singer. Her voice has an amazing quality that has been helped by her years of meditation in Tibet.
Doe Paoro aka Sonia Kreitzer is an amazing singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California whose ethereal sound blends elements of pop, dubstep, soul, synth-pop, and R&B and bears strong influence of Lhamo.

Doe Paoro has a soon to be released new album, After, that belongs in your collection.

So hows about we check out some of her amazing sounds.

First up her brand new video, it just dropped yesterday.
Madonna and child or witch and succubus, where is this video going? It’s all pretty strange. But what is awesome about it is the voice. Doe Paoro’s voice. It will haunt you it is so beguiling. It captures you and hold you in its spell.
And then there is the witch’s line dance?
Awesome, beautiful, can’t stop watching it.

Directed by Mitch Dequilettes


Doe Paoro’s “The Wind”, is an exploration of self discovery, shown through a limited palette of oil pastels to organically animate the dreamlike narrative. It is also a wonderfully simple piece of work that brings out Doe’s amazing voice.
The song comes from the album ‘After,’ available soon.
The Wind

Director: Jack Brown, London-based animator and illustrator.
Producer: Evan Brown


This is very different from the previous two songs, not so mysterious of moody. This is a flat-out great pop song, a hypnotic beat, great electro backing and again the awesome voice of Doe Paoro. And great eye candy from Mexico? Cuba? Florida?

Directed/shot/edited by Dan Huiting


A test of any singer is can they produce the goods live?
So we check out Ms Doe Paora in probably the harshest conditions, just her and a guitarist. No audience to feed off.
And boy does she nail it, Doe is a truly great singer. Her voice, the phasing, the tone, are all spot on, perfection.
A fine fine guitar player, sadly un-credited.

directed/shot/edited by Dan Huiting
tracking: Nick Tipp
mixing: Viktor Bälter-Lundin


Finally today another live performance, this time at the always perfect KEXP. They just keep giving the indie artists a great showcase. Another fantastic song from Doe. Beautifully orchestrated by the truly tight backing musicians.
And Doe is just in fine fine voice.

Host: John Richards
Audio Engineer: Kevin Suggs
Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Scott Holpainen & Justin Wilmore
Editor: Luke Knecht