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Danika Holmes

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I wasn’t sure if I should title this “Danika and Jeb”, or “Danika Holmes ft Jeb Hart”. But in the end I figured I stay with the general standard of the blog and go with the singer’s name.

Danika Holmes is a singer / songwriter who hails from Iowa but is currently a resident of Nashville, TN. She is the owner of a beautiful voice which is equally at home with Americana or folk-pop or even some jazzy stylings.
Jeb Hart, also based in Nashville, is a guitar player extraordinaire. He can “shred” on an acoustic guitar, lay down some fine jazz licks and even re-do a Clapton classic.
Together on a stage they will provide an evening of unsurpassed enjoyment.

Danika grew up in a family of five kids. She says, “I was a little rag-a-muffin who tromped around in hand me down clothes and spent every free minute building projects with my dad or creating something, anything, from fashions to songs and dances.” Now more than ever, Danika is happy to be creating. Her passion for music and her life experiences lend the inspiration for her songs that reverberate with hope. Onstage Danika delivers her tunes with extreme vibrance, both inspiring and entertaining.

OK, that’s the background done, let’s get to the music.

This is the first song I heard from Danika, and it is such a warm compelling version. To attempt the guitar part is an amazing show of guts, considering you are going to be compared to Eric Clapton. But Jeb Hart performs an amazing version on acoustic guitar, masterful. Loved every second of it.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps


Another great performance @ Muddy Creek Music Hall on September 15, 2016.
Again Danika is accompanied by Jeb Hart for some fine guitar playing.


This is a great Balcony TV shoot from a few years back, this song is from their “Balance” album.
In a Memory


Check out this brilliant Maroon 5 cover, performance @ Cedar Ridge Vineyards in Swisher, Iowa. Better than Maroon 5, and she is much better looking than Adam.
This Love


What can I say, Bill Withers classic, vocal performance classic, guitar superb. A wonderful evening at The Mill in Iowa City, Iowa. Would have been nice to be there. But I can think of no song better to close with for a groovy Sunday afternoon.
Ain’t No Sunshine

Video © Jeff Hackbarth

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