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Christine Owman

? Baumgartner Photography

I can’t believe it’s been more than four years since Christine Owman graced the pages of Bearly Rambling. Christine is the very talented singer/songwriter who also plays the saw, the cello, and the ukulele. As you will recall Christine hails from Malmö, Sweden.

Christine Owman recently released her latest album When on Fire which Includes guest vocals from Mark Lanegan, SoKo, Karolina Engdahl (Vånna Inget) and Erika Rosén (Swim). It is one heck of an album, brilliant all the way through. It is a deliciously dark and decadent slice of musical pie.

So why don’t we check out a couple of the tracks.

First up the title track, this one features Mark Lanegan. It is a masterpiece of a mix of so many different types of sound. Something to revel in. And a wonderfully dark tale in the video.
When on Fire

Directed / shot / edited by Eric Ivar Persson
produced by MOHAVE MEDIA

Emelia Hansson
Sabine Stockhaus Persson
Christine Owman

production assistants:
Frida Andersson Haase
Joen Bergenrud

Here’s another dreamy song from the new album, beautiful sounds. And a video full of symbolism and mystery. The raven and the scary young lady, very Nordic. Christine’s voice has a truly ethereal quality here.

Now let’s check out some more of her music, this one from a few years back when Christine was visiting Canada. This is one of those live performances made by the great Balcony TV productions. Just her voice and her ukulele and we have a beautiful musical moment in time.

In association with the Underground Garage
Presenter Sarah Riches

? ©2013 Marko Wramén

Finally today a live performance, as she described above, this was @ Orange Blossom Special 17 (short: OBS) which is an annual three-day music festival in Pentecost in East Westphalia Beverungen, Germany. It is organized by Glitter House Records, and named for the Johnny Cash song, Which has nothing to do with this song, which is just an awesome piece of music.
I Live I Die

Das war Band Nr. 16 beim OBS 17

2 greats, I bet they could make magical music together

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