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The iBand


Back in 2012 I was introduced to Chordslinger n Lola and was totally impressed, I just loved their music. The combination of a beautiful voice and some awesome guitar chops. If you want more on that and how they met on the internet you can check out that old post, and please ignore the stupid “Content Warning” there’s no smut there.

A couple of years go by and the beautiful Lola de Hanna produces a fantastic single “A knack for these…”, along with a beautiful video, see it here, same warning as above.

So now zoom forward to today, and they have expanded on their band and the concept of music being global and can be shared by everybody. They have created an amazing new band, The iBand.

The iBand is formed of a group of musicians that have roots all over the world. They write, play, and produce their music from independent locations that are remote from each other. They all love music and would like to become the first internet only super group. While the politicians fight and argue, they would like to use the internet to help unite the world. We are the people of the world. Let’s just smile and rock the world as brothers and sisters of the human race.

The iBand are:
Lola de Hanna: Vocals / Songwriting (Athens, Greece )
BC : Lead Guitar (Belgrade, Serbia )
Enrique Paglia (aka Kike Paglia): Drums, Production, Sound Engineer (Córdoba, Argentina )
Jezzy Micheals: Bass Player (Darwin, Australia )
Miguel Castellanos: Acoustic Guitar (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)
ChordSlinger (aka Don): Keyboards, Songwriter, and Group Coordinator
(Ohio , USA)

So what have they produced? To my mind, and ears, a thing of beauty, a song for the ages. Just give it a listen, I bet you can’t listen just once.
Lola still has the most beautiful voice, and from across the globe the band get together to accompany her. Even though they are world-wide I doubt you’ll meet a tighter band. One word for this song / video ~ awesome.
Hole In My Heart

Video: Kike Paglia


This is their earlier release, it’s a lyrics video. But another great tune, and it still blows my mind a little how they get it all together in six countries on three continents. As I’m sitting here today and the warm wind is blowing this song is just perfect for me.
Where The Warm Wind Blows

Video: Kike Paglia