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Carrie Manolakos

Carrie Manolakos is a very talented singer / songwriter who hails from Syracuse, New York. Her current hang out is New York, New York. The city so cool they named it twice, yeah yeah.

Carrie Manolakos first came into my radar when I was researching the tracks I wanted to include in my piece on “Creep”, my all time favorite song and one I consider to be a real singers song. The chord changes and the emotion alone make it a song that only the brave and the talented should attempt. And Carrie was certainly in that category.  I also had featured Carrie before on the old blog, you can check that out here, just ignore the stupid warning.

Carrie Manolakos has Broadway cred, including the lead role of Sophie in Mamma Mia! as well as Elphaba on the Second National Tour of Wicked.

I was so impressed with her version of Creep that I decided to have a look around her catalog of wonderful musical performances.

So let’s get to the music.

Sia writes such beautiful and powerful songs, case in point with this one. Just listen to Carrie giving one of the best cover performances I have heard of this song. Awesome.

Keys- Julian Pollack
Guitar – Dillon Kondor
Drums / BGV – Adam Jackson

Filmed by Beth Derouin
Edited by Sam Teichman
Audio Mix by Derik Lee

A very poignant yet powerful version of this oft covered Leonard Cohen classic.
This was @ Joe’s Pub in New York, that place surely gets some of the best talent.
But anyplace where Carrie Manolakos is singing would be a great place to be.

Keys – Julian Pollack
Guitar – Adam Stoler
Drums – James Williams
Bass – Ian Kagey

Here’s Carrie @ Le Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village, New York with an original song from her debut album “Echo”. This performance was in 2012 but is still as timely today. A beautiful song beautifully sung.

Keys- Julian Pollack
Guitar – Adam Stoler
Drums – Drew McKeon
Bass – Ian Kagey
Backup Vocals- Liana Stampur

Filmed and edited by Oresti Tsonopoulos
Additional filming by Ian Perlman and Rishi Linley
Audio Mix by Fox Schwach
Hair and Make-up by Rob Harmon

? Eric Bardin EBAR

Another great performance by Carrie, this @ at Feinstein’s/54 Below for a “Broadway loves (somebody I won’t mention, not a fan)” show. Carrie gives a real powerhouse performance. Enjoy.

Music Director, Jesse Vargas
Producer, Benjamin Rauhala
Creative Consultant, Michael Mott
Arrangement by Jesse Vargas

Band: Jesse Vargas (music director/piano), Sean McDaniel (drums), Brian Holtz (bass), David Cinquegrana (guitar), Dan Pardo (synthesizer)

Background Vocals: Patrick Hartigan, Ginna Le Vine, and DeAnne Stewart.

Filmed by Nessie Nankivell.

And we’re back in Joe’s Pub, NY again, this time for a great version of one of my favorite Dave Matthews Band songs.
Crash Into Me

As an aside if anyone want’s to cover it my absolute Dave Matthews favorite is “Gravedigger”, that song rocks.

So we’ll finish on another original song.
This was part of an interview session and the host asked Carrie to sing for her.
What happened then was a thing of wonder, a beautiful song for us to enjoy.
The lows

Journalist and Host Mona Lisa Mouallem sits down with singer/songwriter Carrie Manolakos to discuss everything from her transition from Broadway to songwriting, to going viral overnight and everything in between.


Creep by Radiohead, a truly beautiful song and pretty much all of the covers are better than the Radiohead version. That is not said as a knock on Radiohead, it’s just that the song is so good.

Well I’m back on my obsession with this beautiful song. At the bottom of the page you’ll find some links to hear more of my obsession.

So no real words needed, we just have to get to the music.

An awesome version by Brandi from an amazing concert.
Brandi Carlile,@ Floydfest, July 27, 2013 

Then there’s this unforgetable version from the then 17 year old Jena, one of Idol’s best graduates.
Jena Irene

A very sensitive version by a young lady who’s work I don’t know. I’ll have to resolve that problem. Love the soaring voice in the chorus.
Daniela Andrade

Photo by Richard E. Aaron/Redferns

Looks like maybe this one will stick around, unlike the various other versions I had featured in the past.
Prince at Coachella 2008

Uploaded via Permission from Radiohead & NPG Music Publishing

This is a truly beautiful version by the very talented Carrie. And just wait for the power section of this awesome song, the build up is fucking amazing. Wow!!!!
Carrie Manolakos


Another amazing version, a very different version I have to say.
A very powerful version.

The singer asked not to be featured but she’s incredibly talented and all my respect to her. Thanks for listening  KSHMR

This one is special. So fucking special. So very special. Wow!

Konzert vom 02.11.2013 in der Philharmonie Essen
Max Mutzke – Gesang
Miki Kekenj – Violine 1, Konzeption, Arrangement, Audio Mix
Natalia Sergeeva – Violine 2
Elizabeth Lubnow – Viola
Matthias Wehmer – Violoncello
Max Dommers – Kontrabass
Daniel Jösch – Kamera & Video Editing

First up I have to ask you to ignore the “Content Warning”, they still haven’t removed it, and there’s still no smut. So just ignore it.
So here’s some of the Creep posts on the old blog.
This one if from April 2015 and features
Jim Carrey, Kelly Clarkson, Haley Reinhart and Vintage Postmodern Jukebox, and Michelle Branch.
This is the second part from April 2015 and features
Macy Gray and David Choi, Karen Souza, What About Bill?, Tori Amos, Charlotte Gainsbourg & Johnny Depp, and Muse.
And finally one of my first Creep posts from 2008 featuring
Lukas Rossi, David Cook, Radiohead, Moby, Richard Cheese, Aco, and the Pretenders.

btw: Lukas Rossi was the first version I ever heard.

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