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Carissa Leigh

In the mood for some good country music I found Carissa Leigh, and she is the purveyor of very good country music. This girl is fine.

Carissa Leigh is a beautiful singer / songwriter who was born in Calgary, Alberta but was destined to move to Nashville to follow her dream.

From her website:
Carissa Leigh grew up listening to Dolly Parton in one ear and The Allman Brothers Band in the other. Her grandfather was a die-hard Country fan, while her father’s loyalties lie with rock & roll. Both influenced Carissa growing up, but as the years went by it was the sounds of Shania Twain and Keith Urban that she found making their way into her own music.

OK so we have the background, let’s get music to the foreground.

This was the first song I found from Carissa and sounds like a bad bad girl, great song and amazing voice. This is some real down home kickass country music, with attitude.
Bad Boy

© 2013 Little Bunny Music Group

It’s all in the eyes, and this girl has got teasing on her mind. And what a voice.
She sings with the sass that her eyes send out as signals.
Man Enough

Live recording at Country 97.1 HANK FM, Indianapolis, IN.

Despite the title, this is the same girl, and she’s still singing up a storm. And she writes some damned good songs. Totally cool.
Not the Same Girl

Live recording at Country 97.1 HANK FM, Indianapolis, IN.

This is much lighter fare, sweet young ladies all innocent and just a swinging on the swing that’s hanging from the tree. Young innocent love. All demure looks and sweet smiles, but it works. A really cool sound, and Carissa’s voice as wonderful as ever.
Can’t Help But Wonder

Directed by Spence Nicholson

This is a track from her latest album, “Better Than I’ve Been” and it is one heck of an album. Audio only, but that’s the way the album comes anyway.
When I Know Better

One Stop Country proclaims: “This is the type of album that pulls you in, and then keeps you listening to see what will come next. This combines with her vocals and top-notch songwriting to make it one of the strongest albums we’ve heard in 2016 and puts Carissa Leigh on the top of our list as next female to watch out for in country music.”

We’re gonna finish up here with one of the #CoversGoneCountry series. Carissa Leigh takes on ZZ Top, and she does one fine job. Very cool with that banjo instead of the guitars, very laid back.
Gimme All Your Lovin’

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