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Bebe Rexha


Bebe Rexha is a very talented singer, songwriter and record producer.
Bebe co-wrote the number-one US Billboard Hot 100 song “The Monster” by Eminem featuring Rihanna. So you know she’s no slouch at penning good tunes.

As well as being a vocalist she plays guitar, piano and trumpet. Say what? Trumpet, very unusual for a young lady.
Oh by the way, did I mention she’s cute?

Anyhow, let’s get to the music.

We’ll start of with one of her best known songs, which features Nicki Minaj (I never thought those two words would appear here).
This is a well produced very slick video. Enjoy.
No Broken Hearts


With a family like that I’d show you crazy too.
A well written song which I’m sure many of our younger people can relate to. But really, some parents need to listen closely.
I’m really digging this one, its destined to be on my playlist for a long while.
I’m Gonna Show You Crazy


Another, very mature, and great song from Bebe. With a cute twist on the standard phrase. I’m sure many people go from thinking to drinking, it’s the most used crutch I’m sure. The more I think about the thinking / drinking thing I’m simply amazed nobody did it before.
Musically well put together, and Bebe’s vocals brilliant as ever. Another to be permanent favorite in the Bear playlist.
I Can’t Stop Drinking About You


Earlier this year Bebe Rexha performed “Hey Mama” on Jimmy Kimmel Live. I never saw that episode, my bad. I’m betting Jimmy loved the shiny pants. A very spirited performance. Bebe seems to be a favorite of Jimmy, she’s been on his show more than once.
Hey Mama


Bebe Rexha gives a live performance On Air with Ryan Seacrest.
Another name I never thought I would mention on this site.
But this is a very interesting performance. This young lady can do great things with her voice, much more versatile than her regular videos show.
Watch as singer Bebe Rexha performs an acoustic version of her song “Monster Under My Bed,” made famous by Eminem and Rihanna.
Monster Under My Bed


Finally, this is cool. She won’t be able to do this in the near future. The paps will smother her and the fans will mob her.
Who is Bebe Rexha?