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Banta (Fotash Jawl in Bengali) is a colloquial term for a carbonated lemon or orange flavored soft drink popular in India.

But that’s not who we are talking about, we’re talking about the awesome band named Banta from Los Angeles.

Once, when musician Sharaya Mikael was traveling through Colorado, she heard a story about a gold miner who dug on his land for years and years. Finally, defeated, he sold the land to a man who dug only three feet before striking it rich. It’s a lesson she’s held with her ever since: You never know how close you are to something. It’s been true for Mikael’s band Banta, who have continued to find themselves on the cusp of success, knowing that perseverance will always carry them forward. The group, which formed in September of 2013 after Mikael moved to Los Angeles from Nashville where she’d been pursuing a solo career, knows that a career doesn’t develop overnight – and they’re willing to put in the time.

Banta are:
Sharaya Mikael: Vocals, Guitar
Kristin Hardin: Backing Vocals, Tambourine
Jon Marcu: Drums, Percussion
Scott Cleary: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Steve Oh Grohne: Bass
Alathea Reese: Keys, Backing Vocals

Well, that’s the background let’s get to the music. It’s what we’re here for , right.

This is a beautifully crafted pop song by a very talented group of musicians.
Very evocative of the sixties, maybe it’s the organ, terrific percussion and those brilliant voices. I’m digging this track. Very cool video.

? Fabi Jimeno

OK, so maybe it was a 70’s vibe I was getting. Wow! A bit like the Doors fronted by Stevie Nicks. And I mean that in a good way, a really good way.
This band is phenomenal. The more I hear them the more hooked I become.
This is an awesome song performed live @ Cobraside Distribution in Los Angeles, CA with Jam in the Van.
Dark Charms

*** Credits ***
Artists: Banta
Director of Photography: Dave Yeaman
Recording Engineer: Ethan Glaze
Mixing Engineer: Sean P. Jones
Post Production by: Joel Moody
Created & Produced by Jam in the Van, LLC
Music by: Banta


This next track was recorded as part of the Lilac Session Web Series.
Another beautiful song, this is the one inspired by the incident Sharaya Mikael had in Colorado. I’m thinking they are 3 feet from mega-stardom. And I really really love this song.
3 Feet From Gold

Directed by: James Ersted
Director of Photography: Justin Gaar
Edited & Colored by: Helena Gaar
Recorded & Mixed by: James Ersted
Engineered & Mastered by: Chris Richardson
B Camera Operator: Helena Gaar
C Camera Operator: Melanie Schutzius
Set Decorator: Melanie Schutzius
Digital Animation & Titles: morgans brother
Produced by: James Ersted & Melanie Schutzius

? Fabi Jimeno

Here’s a track from a live session @ 101.9 KINK in the Skype Live Studio presented by Keep Oregon Well! Now that’s a mouthful. This band just keeps on impressing me. I think I’m now a devout fan, and cannot wait for their next release. Brilliant.
I’m Not Yours


We’re gonna close as we started, but this time a live version of the first song we opened with. It’s always great fun to compare versions. This one is also from the 101.9 KINK/Skype session.
Dark Charms