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Here we go folks, another great talent from the land down under.
This time we meet Banoffee, aka Martha Brown, who’s hometown is Melbourne, Australia.
She describes her music as R’n’B, pop, wonky synth singy. I call it infectious fun sounds.

Banoffee was lucky enough to get an ice cream flavor named after her. Lisa Valmorbida, owner of ice cream parlor Pidapipo, was so impressed with Banoffee’s music that she suggested they collaborate on the new flavor, based on the English banana toffee pie dessert. I think the banoffee pie emerged after I left England, because I never heard of it until I started Googling for Banoffee.

Anyway, enough of the verbiage, let’s get to the music.

This young lady just keeps producing stunning records, this is a true gem. An intriguing video, who are these people? An atmosphere from a David Lynch movie. Just love her voice.
Body Suit

Director: Rhys Mitchell
Producer: Ruth Morris
Cinematographer: Jack Peddey
Production Designer: Sarah Irvine


I’m just loving the edgy feel of this song, melodic but forceful.
Cool video, I’m sure it means something, I’ll get it eventually.
With Her

DOP: Harry Charnock (New Born Productions)
Director: Alice Glenn & Banoffee
Editor: Alice Glenn
Directors Assistant: Holly Jane


Next up we are going to check out an earlier release.
A very interesting video for someone who has “Got it” and it is all reflected in her sunglasses. Banoffee has a very unique sound.
Got It

Video directed by Alice Glenn

? @Freya Esders

 Going back into her archives we find this song.
A beautiful poignant song, and what an amazing voice.
I hope she’s not really going out to fight someone.
A well produced interesting video.

Director: Alice Glenn


We are gonna finish up with a live performance from a recent Falls Festival.
A nice touch with the dancers, looks like a great evening was had by all.
With Her

Aisha Kuryana
Hëna Memishi