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Bad Pony


Check out the amazing band Bad Pony who hail from Sydney, Australia.
The band is made up of
Jarred Young
Sam Thomlinson
Cron Van Niekerk
Isaac Chamberlain
Mark Webber

This is the great new release from Bad Pony.
“Set as a narrative based on a toxic and alcoholic relationship, the clip stars’ Rosie Rivette and Julia Rose as the two young protagonists who find themselves deeply infatuated with one another; leading a lifestyle of crime and intense partying. Eventually their binge drinking catches up with them; seeing the once smitten lovers bond rapidly deteriorate and take a sinister turn”.
Great video, great song.

Spilting Films & Inside Out Studios.
Cast: Rosie Rivette & Julia Rose

Directed by Jack Webb
Produced by Bradley Murnane & Mel Gleissner
Cinematography by Will Edmunds & Nathan Frost


I found one more to add to your pleasure, this was from just a few months back. It’s a rockin’ slice of indie pop rock, with some great jangly guitars.

Sideways Music Video by Spilting Films.

Directors: Bradley Murnane and Rick Clifford
Assistant Director: Elizabeth Simard
Hair & Makeup: Loren O’Connor

‘Sideways’ Written & Produced by Bad Pony.
Recorded at Cron VN Studio Sydney.