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? Andy Nowell

More sounds from the land down under, meet Auguste. Another day, another great Aussie band.

Auguste is Skye Lockwood and Beth Keough, they hail from Adelaide. Skye and Beth are step-sisters and best friends.

Auguste make beautiful music that will make your Sunday so much better. And that’s all you need to know.

Let’s get to the music.

Australian duo Auguste, present a fresh sound that embodies deep harmonic vocals and electro-pop vibes. Their debut single ‘Slow Motion’ combines smooth synths and beats with emotive lyrics, thanks to the ingenious production styles of Andy Bull, currently one of Australia’s most prolific producer’s and touring artists. Lead singers Skye and Beth’s distinctive voices tell a story about infatuation, about being completely disarmed by another.

All in all a perfect track for a warm sunny Sunday morning, or any other time. Loving it.
Slow Motion



High Fives! When they made it into the triple j Hottest 100 voting list!

This was their follow-up single, another great track.
Sublime harmonies, dramatic pauses, great beats, the epitome of what a pure electro-pop record should be. Let me tell you these young ladies are going to be huge.

Written by Skye Lockwood & Beth Keough
Produced by Andy Bull
Director: Alfonso Coronel
Producer: Rebecca Elliott
Cinematographer: David Gregan
Assistant Camera: Chris Daniels
Assistant Camera: Jonathan Kovarch
Dancer: Jessica Statton
Dancer: Aidan Kane Munn
Choreography: Aidan Kane Munn & Jessica Statton


One more today, this is their latest release and has no video but it’s the sound that matters.Another great electro-pop track. Beautiful voices as always and those beats. I can understand why Ulysses ran on the rocks.
Siren Sounds