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ashestoashes are an alternative Metal band founded in Genoa, Italy in 2010 by Marta Vassalo (pianist/vocalist), Paolo Schiavi (lead guitarist) and Paolo di Lorenzo (drummer).
The 3 guys believed so much in it, just from the beginning. The band was a little bit slowed by the search of the definitive line up. But when Enrico Cabona (second guitar) and Stefano Anentodio (bass), joined ATA, they were ready to rock.

Since that time ashestoashes have a released a few albums and then along came Epictronic a young but very strong independent company which focuses on production, distribution and marketing of recorded music.
After having released the new album “Urania”, Marta decided to leave the band. The other members of the band invited Giulia Sarpero (ex lead vocalist of Kramers) to be part of the project. In only a month the band was back in studio in order to record two of the most representative tracks of the album with new vocals giving to the songs a brand new atmosphere.

And so that’s where we are now, are you ready to give a listen?

Let’s get to the music.

First up filmed like a Tarantino movie this is a great video for an awesome track.
This really rocks, and with the beautiful voice of Giulia Sarpero their new lead singer its sheer perfection.
Once Upon a Time

(C) 2016 Carlo Bellotti Publishing

This is their previous release, a little bit quieter (at the beginning) but a much softer song and yet it still rocks.
Just Daydreaming

(C) 2016 Epictronic

We’ll end it today with the title track from the album, plus a two more tracks. Enjoy.