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Ane Brun


There is never a need for an excuse to play some Ane Brun music.
It’s really a required daily occurrence.

So just because I can.

I just love this song, always have and this is one of the better versions.

Very stripped down and bare. Simple guitar and magnificent voice.

Just another day at the office for Ane Brun.
Just one of the best female voices of the 21st century.
Feeling Good

Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse, music by Anthony Newley.
Live on TV4 Nyhetsmorgon, June 6, 2013.


This is Ane’s most recent video, another beautiful song from this great songstress. It’s a pretty cool video, will the real Ane Brun stand up.
You Lit My Fire

Music video by Ane Brun performing You Lit My Fire.

© 2015 Balloon Ranger Recordings AB.

From the album “When I’m Free” – North American Release was February 5th 2016.

Video directed by: Lisa James Larsson


Gonna end today, sadly we must, with this terrific duet with Lisa Ekdahl.

And what a duet it is. Two amazingly beautiful voices as one.

This is from the DVD “Lisa Ekdahl at the Olympia, Paris”.
Something to seek out.

So I wonder when the next Ane Brun album will drop?


Ahh what the heck, had to add one more.
And what better than this classic, the original video in all it’s ethereal beauty. I heard Ane open a concert with it and had to hear it again.
These Days

‘One song, one take, one pen and one Ane. The combination indicates something big in the small differences.’ /J.W

Creative Artist: Jesper Waldersten
Cinematographer: Jesper Brandt
Executive Producer: Magdalena Larsson
Producer: Kalle Wettre
Production Company: Rockson
Post Production: Frost vfx

? Aida Chehrehgosha

If you want some more of Ane Brun you could check my old blog, ignore the dumb “Content Warning” there is nothing untoward there.

November 2009

August 2010

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December 2013



Angel Olsen


Have we got a treat for you today, meet Angel Olsen a folk/indie /rock singer/ songwriter and guitarist.
She was raised in St. Louis, Missouri and currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina. But of course she is in demand all around the world.
Angel has such a beautiful voice, you could say she has the voice of an Angel. But that would be corny, but true.
She could break your heart with that voice.

Well Angel has a new video, now, and a new album, early September.

So, to the music.

This video dropped yesterday, very different for Angel.
But then again not really she has been a chameleon in many of her videos. Angel Olsen sings “Shut Up Kiss Me” from ‘MY WOMAN’ out September 2, 2016 on Jagjaguwar.
A great pop song and I mean that in a good way. Awesome backing and Angel singing full throat and with just the right amount of attitude. This should be big.
Shut Up Kiss Me

Written and Directed by Angel Olsen (with collaborative input from Ashley Connor and Jethro Waters)
Director of Photography: Ashley Connor
Edited by Jethro Waters and Angel Olsen


A truly powerful song, for some reason Johnny Cash comes to mind in the strength of the writing and the singing.
A really great example of her songwriting strength. Taylor will never be this good.

? © Pedro Sadio

At times her voice seems fragile and brittle, and yet  her mastery, strength and control  permeate the song throughout. This was on the Letterman show, I guess I missed it and that’s my loss. This song really has that Johnny Cash stamp on it, I don’t mean she is copying him, It’s just that feel that realness that Johnny used to give out. Angel does just that.
Hi Five


Such a poignant and wrenching feel to the vocals. Shades of Ane Brun in here, with every song I hear I am more and more impressed. This is from her album ‘Burn Your Fire For No Witness’ which is still available.
An amazing video, never saw that coming. I won’t spoil it for you.


Gotta go, but we’ll leave you with a gem.
Here is Angel in a Tiny Desk Concert.
You wouldn’t think there was a storm brewing outside the window, she looks so calm, serene and of course beautiful.
I love the way her voice goes from a timid breaking softness to soaring in the heights. So cool, just Angel and her electric guitar. A “Joni Johnny Cash Mitchell” for our time.
Set list:
“White Fire”

Producers: Bob Boilen, Denise DeBelius; Audio Engineer: Kevin Wait; Videographers: Denise DeBelius, Becky Harlan, Meredith Rizzo



Linnea Olsson

? Paulina Persson

I saw a post on Facebook today announcing that the wonderful Linnea Olsson‘s album was released worldwide.
“My latest album BREAKING AND SHAKING is now out WORLDWIDE!!! LISTEN, SHARE, DREAM, DANCE♥ “ was the exact wording.

I still cannot understand why the record companies cannot release worldwide on the first go round. With the internet and streaming music it makes no sense.

And it reminded me that I had not listened to her lately, and that is a crime. Linnea was featured on the old blog a few years back, link at the bottom of this post.

Linnea Olsson is a very talented cello playing singer / songwriter.
You only have to listen to a couple of her songs to realize just how talented she is.

Did I mention she is cute?

Anyway, let’s get to the music.

With a thumping bass line and a wonderful voice you just have to enjoy this brilliant track. The title track from the recently released album by Linnea Olsson.
Breaking and Shaking

Directed and edited by: Shida Shahabi
Photography: Cecilia Nygren
Light Designer: Chrisander brun
Thanks to: ÖFA: EDIE&EDIE, S.V.T Studio Verksamma Tillsammans, Elektronmusikstudion, Jacob Brydolf and Elias Krantz.

? Lars Andersson

Having no musical talent myself, but once trying to learn the piano I got pretty good with one hand. But then came the moment when the other hand came into play and my musical career ended. Now check out this video, two hands doing different things and add a beautiful voice to the equation. How can the human mind handle such stuff?
This is a wonderful song, beautifully sung. And the cello is sublime. This was a performance on a TV show Go’Kväll at SVT in Sweden.

? RoineLundström

Yet another gem of a song, think of a sigh of bliss when saying the title. I could never convey to the reader the pure joy of listening to this young ladies cello playing, and don’t forget her sublime voice.

? Johannes Andersen

I could not resist adding this collaboration with the great Ane Brun, just listen to Linnea’s amazing cello and backing vocal.

From the album Ane Brun — Rarities
Ane Brun – Halo (Feat. Linnea Olsson)
Written by G. A. Saraf, Ryan Tedder, Evan Bogart, Ramon Owen & Beyoncé Knowles.
Live on the Scandinavian talk-show Skavlan Nov. 29th, 2013.
Linnea Olsson cello and vocals
Cecilia Linné, cello
Anna Dager, cello
Emma Beskow, cello
P&C Balloon Ranger Recordings 2013

? Tony Levin ~~ Peter Gabriel introducing Linnea Olsson

And finally today another collaboration, this time with the wonderful Linnea Henriksson with a beautiful Swedish song. This was performed live @ Musikhjälpen 2015.


? Tony Levin

Here is the link to the old blog and Linnea Olsson. As always please ignore the stupid “Content” warning.