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Alyssa Bonagura


Alyssa Bonagura is a very talented singer / songwriter who hails from Franklin, Tennessee. She is the daughter of singers Michael Bonagura and Kathie Baillie of Baillie & the Boys. She plays piano, bass, mandolin, and guitar, and probably more. She has written songs for other singers from Steven Tyler to Sarah Jarosz, and many others in between.

Powerful lyricist Alyssa Bonagura is celebrating the release of her highly anticipated solo project, Road Less Traveled, available now on iTunes. Currently sitting at No. 11 on the Country iTunes Chart, the album showcases Alyssa’s soulful prowess as a singer-songwriter, with the ability to deliver moving messages and hard-hitting vocals that resonate with listeners and solidify her as an artist with a path to carve all her own.

The album is a thing of beauty, you have to hear it.

A beautiful song with piano accompaniment, what else could one ask for.
Ahh perfection. This well made video dropped just a few days ago.
‘Rebel’ unfolds as a gentle vocal and piano lead song, with a sensitive musical arrangement, that helps the track build into something quite powerful. It’s country music with a more modern and very natural style throughout.


Here’s a great video where Alyssa Bonagura performs “Road Less Traveled’ during Today in Nashville on September 22, 2016. Another beautiful performance, what a voice. Just lovin’ it.
Road Less Traveled


I just love the catch in her voice in this song. You got me spinning like a wheel Ms Alyssa. A beautiful performance with Song Suffragettes.
Song Suffragettes is weekly writer’s round held in Nashville, Tennessee featuring rotating female country artists. If you are in Nashville go check them out, you’ll be glad you did.


Another neat tune, here’s Alyssa performing “Like A Child” in Bicentenial Park in Nashville, Tn. Complete with background on the evolution of the song.
Terrific acoustics, and great video from Billy Joe with Clockwork Photography. Alyssa proves her worth as a guitar slinger in this one.
Like A Child

? @dallaswilson8

This is the story of an old Martin that she found at a pawn shop in Montana that had never been played. This song gave me chills, beautiful. And the tone of that Martin is awesome. This is going onto the favorites pile.
Hippies & Gypsies

Written by Alyssa Bonagura, David Naish, Jeffrey Steele
Footage from Cotton Mill Live