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Today we have a real treat, a truly talented singer / songwriter from west London. You may know her from her earlier nom de guerre “Alessi’s Ark”, but she is reverting to her first name, Alessi. In addition to having a terrific voice she is also a fine guitar player and an accomplished drummer.

“Named after the Italian design company, Alessi Laurent-Marke grew up in Hammersmith, London where her father, Alan Marke, is a television producer who has worked on TV shows such as Modern Toss, Snuff Box and Shooting Stars and is also the managing director of TV production company Channel X.” [Wikipedia]

Alessi is going to release a new album in the spring, and the first single from it was released in January.

So are you ready for some great music?

“The idea of being someone’s wife inspires me to no end. Recently I’ve come to believe that to be married to oneself, to be committed to nurturing our own spirits, will give us the best chance at growing truly loving relationships with our partners. Who are we if we’re aren’t present and loving to our own divine thread in this web?” Alessi
Apart from all that, this is a beautiful song brilliantly sung by Alessi, oh what a voice it’s just sublime. Great video too, very evocative of the forties. Oh, and this is the new single I mentioned.

Directed by Luke Barham

Going back a few years, as we wander through her extensive catalog of great songs, we end up at Tramlines TV under the guise of Alessi’s Ark for another terrific song. A live acoustic performance that is a joy for the ages.

Alessi comes over to Tramlines TV to perform an exclusive acoustic performance.

Still in that era, another simple yet outstanding song from Alessi. This time with a backing guitar player and percussionist, unaccredited. A couple too many for the confined space, but they make do.
Veins Are Blue

Directed by Chris Lucraft

Check out her tender and charming folk-pop song “The Wire”, absolutely nothing to do with the HBO series set in Baltimore. This going back a couple more years when she was just 21. So sweet yet so mature. I’m just loving her catalog. This was captured in a live recording at BTR Live Studio.
The Wire

About Live Studio on BTR:
BTR Live Studio features a mix of breaking and established musicians playing exclusive sets in our studios, then sitting down for a chat with host Maia MacDonald. Maia is a musician and DJ who’s been involved with the music scene for a number of years and has a knack for asking the questions that musicians actually enjoy answering.

We’ll finish today with a cute video for another of her beautifully crafted songs, looks like the video was shot in the states. This one really rolls along, but I could have taken another couple of minutes, it was a tad too short.
On the Plains

Music video by Alessi’s Ark performing On the Plains. Bella Union