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Gracie and Rachel

What an awesome duo I have for you today. Gracie and Rachel hail from Berkeley, California.
Nowadays they are based in Brooklyn, New York.
Gracie and Rachel are Gracie Coates (lead vocals, piano) and Rachel Ruggles (violin, vocals).

Orchestral pop piano-violin duo, Gracie and Rachel, crafts intricate tunes combining classical string elements with haunting, fierce vocals, augmented by sparse but powerful percussion. Tiptoe EP is a preview of their upcoming debut LP. Their music is a heartfelt glimpse into two passionate females’ unpredictable take on the powers that be. “With the turbulent strings of Regina Spektor paired to the orchestral chamber pop of Bat for Lashes, Tiptoe is both beautiful and unsettling…” -Baeble Music

They recently released the EP, Tiptoe. You can get your very own copy at Noisetrade.
This is a teaser for their upcoming full album, for which I’m waiting with bated breath. The EP is so awesome that the album is going to be mind-blowing.

So, do you want to hear some of it? You know you do, let’s wander around their music.

First up this wonderful choral arrangement of a rap song, dripping with polyphony. I understand that Kreayshawn is their hometown hero. To quote Gracie: She really is a badass lady who is not afraid to speak her mind and have fun doing so, and I think we could all learn a lot from women like her right now. She has the swag and it’s pumping out of her ovaries, you know?”
Above and beyond that, they have produced an amazing track that I will be playing for a long time.
Gucci Gucci (Kreayshawn Cover)

Gracie and Rachel’s choral arrangement of Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci”
Filmed and edited by Ian Schneider

This is a beautiful track, wonderful vocals and the delicate violin stylings. Complete with an intriguing video. Such an evocative sound. This is the second track on their awesome new EP, Tiptoe.

Music by Gracie and Rachel
Filmed and directed by Sam Margevicius.

I do love their videos, so simply presented in black and white, but so much thought has gone into them. They are little cinematic gems. And the music, so sublime. I really love this track.

Music by Gracie and Rachel
Filmed and edited by Michael McQuilken and Graham E. Burns
Song produced by Garrett Eaton

Another great Sofar performance, this time the New York branch. They do such a great job presenting the artist in the best possible way. And of course Gracie and Rachel are up to the task. Another amazing song from their repertoire.
Only A Child

Filmed by: AJ Giambrone, Matt Goldman & Joyce Zhao
Edited by: AJ Giambrone
Audio by: Justin Boyd & Lucy Krakow

? Tammy Jean Lamoureux

OK, to finish up here today, another live performance. This time a Balcony TV production from Los Angeles, on a chilly evening. Balcony TV is another great presenter of talent. Love this production. This is a song included above, but I just needed to hear the live version. And a brilliant performance by both windswept young ladies, and their drummer/producer. Great to also hear some background on the upcoming album.

Producer/Talent Booker: Cindi Avnet
Videographer: Alissa Nardo
Recorded/Mixed By: Art Martinez
PA: Alissa Nardo

? L’amour de la photo


First up I have to commend my Puerto Vallarta musical correspondent for introducing me to the awesome violin of Érika del Rea. Thanks Bill, who knows well my penchant for a pretty girl playing a violin. And boy does Érika fit the bill.
It turns out she has an equally talented brother who plays the guitar and viola. Érika and Vick del Rea and sometimes their younger sister Sara are Grupo Arcano, they can often be seen performing in local clubs and on the Malecon, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
They started their musical studies in 1992, and later formed part of the Alica foundation of Nayarit’s youth orchestra, where Érika, on violin, and Vick, on viola, participated in concerts all through of Mexico.

Later they joined the Chamber Orchestra of Nayarit, where they performed in major concerts, including one at the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City.

Now they are a duo, Arcano, who perform in the restaurants and clubs not only in Puerto Vallarta, but also in major cities throughout Mexico. Along the way they have released a gaggle of albums.

Enough of the background, let’s get to the music, and boy what a sound this is.
The big problem here is what tracks to include, her diversity in music is immense.

So where to start? How about the beginning (of the alphabet) with Abba, well with one of their great songs. I don’t think I have heard anyone else since Abba bring out the beauty and pathos of this song, and all without a word.

Here’s a performance by Arcano at the Mexico City Arena which is an indoor arena in Azcapotzalco, Mexico City, Mexico. It looks like a grand time was had by all. And Érika is resplendent in that awesome red dress, and her violin playing is awesome as usual.

Huapango de Moncayo

Huapango is a symphonic work by the Mexican composer José Pablo Moncayo , released in 1941 and probably the best known of that composer, strongly associated with the nationalist cultural and audiovisual production of Mexico , to such point that in that country has been called the third National Anthem Mexican , after the March of Zacatecas . It was composed from the reinterpretation of traditional rhythms huapango , mainly veracruzanos , and parts of the region as El Siquisirí , The Balajú and Gavilancillo.   [Wikipedia]

Next up a beautiful rendition of one of my favorite John Legend songs.
Érika gets her feet wet in this one, but all in all it is a very expressive and beautiful piece. With some magical piano from Vick, have to give him his props.
All Of Me

#violinistademexico #erikadelreal #vickdelreal #allofmeviolin

OK so now we are up to Miley Cyrus, another great tune. And well transposed to violin and piano. Grupo Arcano in fine fettle, in what looks to be Puerto Vallarta, maybe. Beautiful video, beautiful location, beautiful entertainment.
Wrecking Ball

A truly awesome rendition of Bitter Sweet Symphony, the Verve classic.
The vacationers and locals in Puerto Vallarta and other spots im Mexico are truly lucky to get such amazing entertainment. This is just sooooooo good.
Sinfonía Agridulce

Any violinist worth their salt has to play some Vivaldi, and this is some Vivaldi. From the Four Seasons (Le quattro stagioni) this is Summer (Verano) and what a summer we are having. I’m fairly sure this is what “Ultra-Vivaldi” by Darryl Way and Francis Monkman is based upon. And this performance is in that region. A great rendition, wish I had been there to see/hear it.
Summer (Verano)

Este video me lo dedico Ericka la violinista de Arcano la mejor de toda!!! Grax Ericka

The first track a wonderful version of the Kansas song and then I love me some Hungarian gypsy music, I know this was written by an Italian gentleman named Vittorio Monti. But I always associate it with Hungary. Because the gypsy violinist(s) in each Budapest restaurant or bar (and they all have at least one) always play this tune. Maybe because it displays their skills.
And we know Érika has skills.
Dust in the Wind + Csárdás

Finally today this was one heck of a night in Puerto Vallarta, this is an original piece written by them.
Beautiful doesn’t cover it. They should play more of their own compositions, this some how for me captures the essence of a Mediterranean vacation. I know this is Mexico, but I’ve never been to Mexico, so I always think of Spain. And this looks a bit like Spain.

Concierto Arcano en vivo desde los Arcos en Puerto Vallarta
Titulo: CORA-SON

Autores: Érika y Vick del Real

Realización: Ruy Melena (

Daniel Romero
Raúl Jimenez
Sergio Chávez (grua)

Amadeus Electric Quartet

Today we are featuring the hottest band in Europe, they are the Amadeus Electric Quartet , and they hail from Bucharest, Romania.

There is definitely something that attracts me to a group of beautiful, talented women with strings attached. And the Amadeus Electric Quartet certainly fits that bill.

Challenging on the same stage contradictory music styles – Classical, Fusion, Pop, Balkan, Bossa Nova, Jazz – Andreea, Patricia, Naomi and Bianca managed to break patterns in 2000 and become one of the most original bands in Europe. The fresh musical style, the virtuosity and the energy on stage earned the band a fast growing fan base, hundreds of concerts all over the world and 6 albums with original music sold out in the 15 years since the band’s formation.

Amadeus Electric Quartet are:
Andreea Runceanu – violin
Bianca Gavrilescu – violin
Patricia Cimpoiasu – cello
Naomi Anelis – piano

This is their new single “Earth Song” it is their tribute to Mother Nature, their home. This music video was filmed in the beautiful Carpathian Mountains, Ciucas Peak, Lake Saint Ana, Bucegi Mountains, Dobrogea.
Romania is beautiful! As is this piece of music, it certainly captures the beauty of the countryside.
Earth Song

Video directed, filmed and edited by GT Production.
This is an original song written for Amadeus by Xenti Runceanu, our amazing composer and music producer.

Oh my oh my, this is just too beautiful for words. The scenery, the ambiance, the beautiful young ladies and the beautiful music. Just enjoy, there are no more words.
She’s The One

Video : George Mihailescu
Instrumental arrangement : Xenti Runceanu
Composers : Robbie Williams, John Barry, Leslie Bricusse, Guy Chambers, Karl Wallinger
Mix & mastering : Cătălin Gușă
Ballet dancer : Cosmina Dinu
Production / Photography : Robert Marooni

Here they have a full orchestra lurking behind them, out of sight, and they produce a stunning and stirring rendition of one of the great arias from my favorite opera.
Carmen (Habanera)

Musical director : Xenti Runceanu ;
Video / Lights / Video Edit : OnScreen ;
Choreography : Andreea Meiros
Special Effects : Best Event ;
Photography : Robert Marooni ;
Project & Tour Management : Marius Beju.
Thank you for your support : Biavati Events Bucharest, Ingenium Media and Cristina Ionescu.

? Paul Buciuta

Storm a decidedly different version of the Four Seasons by A. Vivaldi performed by the Amadeus Electric String Quartet. You almost hear a touch of AC/DC Thunderstruck This one really rocks.

Performance at Mitsubishi Attrage launch event in Cairo, Egypt.
We thank Constantin Simion, Serban Tamasanu, Digital Workshop, Alaa El Saadany, Diamond Motors & Mitsubishi Motors for this video!

This is an instrumental cover of the song by Adila Sedraia/Pascal Koeu. A beautiful cover I must say. They don’t give us the name of the city, and it’s not one I recognise. But it looks cool.
Dernière Danse

Instrumental arrangement is written by Xenti Runceanu and it is recorded in his studio.
Video is directed, filmed & edited by George Mihailescu.