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Brothers Moving


In case you haven’t seen them before Brothers Moving are a four piece acoustic rock band who hail from the beautiful land of Denmark.

For such a simple lineup they produce a hell of a sound. A very unique sound, something you hear and immediately say “Ahh the Brothers Moving.”

With a sound derived from the pulse of their native Denmark and honed in and around New York Cities’ Union Square, Brothers Moving is the result of four young, traveling musicians lightening the load of constant road rambling through music. Built on no special concept or genre, their first street show found the group fresh, with no set list, no defined aesthetic, not even a name.

Brothers Moving are:
ASKE: Lead Guitar, Vocals.
ESBEN: Lead vocal, Guitar, Kazoo.
NILS: Bass, Vocal.
SIMON: Cajón, Vocal.

Four guys, two acoustic guitars, one electric bass and a cajón player. And they stir up an amazing sound on this roof in Brooklyn, NYC. This is one of their original tunes. I’m digging it.
City Lights


This is a very different version of the Sting classic performed underneath the Andy Warhol Memorial Statue in Union Square Park, NYC.


Gonna finish today with their Official Music Video, well produced and uniquely filmed. Another of their own original songs. I’m really surprised this one didn’t take off. Cool groove.


Millie Thrasher


Millie Thrasher is a 17-year-old from Birmingham, Alabama who has what it takes to make it to the very top of the pop world.
She was on X Factor in 2013 when she was only 14, I recall Simon Cowell saying he had never met a Thrasher, or something along those lines. She was molded in with a couple of others to become a girl group, Sweet Suspense, and they made the top twelve.
But now she has gone back to being a solo singer / dancer and has created a couple of really cool videos singing more urban pop than she could do in the group.

Check out this awesome Calvin Harris & Disciples cover.
This gal really kills it, starting with that warm bedroom voice and then going all out as the song progressed. Totally awesome.
Love it.

How Deep Is Your Love


Oh a Justin Bieber cover, oh well. Much better than the original.
Millie Thrasher also shows off her dancing skills. A well crafted cover.
I’ll be keeping a lookout for the originals, which I’m sure will come.




Héllena 1

? by Stratos Kapetanas

It’s been a while since we checked in with Héllena to see what she is up to.
Héllena has a new FB Official page here.

The lovely Héllena is back with a new single that will brighten your day.
A really cool video, and Héllena in good voice as always, I wonder where they filmed the video. Looks like a cool spot.

Now I See

Filmed by Stratos Kapetanas + Héllena
Edited by Héllena + Stratos Kapetanas
Dancers – Tatyana and Alexandr from “Tres pasos dance studio”
Héllena – Music + Lyrics
Stereo Mike – Production, Mix, Mastering
Fernando Sanchez – Guitar
Tom Kwaterski – Trumpet

Héllena 2

Here the beautiful Héllena shows her serious side, her talented piano playing of her own composition. But she can’t resist the playful side in the production of the video.

Fighting with Myself

Grand Piano recording of “Fighting with Myself”. Recorded at Westminster University.
Music – Héllena
Sound engineer – Mike Exarchos
Fund the Art you Love

 Héllena 3

We are gonna finish today as Héllena rocks the guitar.
She even helped design the clothes, is there no end to this girl’s talent?
Another self penned tune by Héllena. Naturally.

Clothes Designed by Héllena and Katherine Chan

 Héllena 4

You can see more about Héllena here, please ignore the stupid warning.