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Sam Behymer

Sam Behymer1

Sam Behymer hails from Morgan Mill, Texas. You may well know her from her appearances on The Voice in season 6. But there is way way more to Sam than that.

So come along and listen to some of her other music, trust me you won’t be bored.

This song, and the way it is sung, is pure heartbreak in 3 minutes. This song will touch your heart.
What an amazing beautiful voice. Love it.

Music video of Sam Behymer performing Fair. (C) Sam Behymer 2014.
Images by M.K. Sadler

Sam Behymer3

Sam Behymer performs another favorite of mine, “Zombie” with The Sessions Band live at The Sayers Club in Hollywood.

Sam Behymer2

Another song that Sam makes her own. I’m not a big Ed Sheeran fan but she makes this song sound so much better.
I’m A Mess

Sam Behymer4

This young lady is so talented, I can’t believe this was her debut video a few years back. Filmed in the Santa Monica Mountains in Malibu, California on a wondrously beautiful day.

If You Don’t Mind

Makeup by Kristen Rokus
Still Photos by Rebecca Carpenter
Directed by AC Eagon

 Sam Behymer5

Laith Al-Saadi


Laith Al-Saadi is an artist who typically plays out of Ann Arbor, Michigan.  As a guitarist/vocalist he has a wide repetoire playing mostly blues, jazz, lounge, R&B, and rock. Laith enjoyed success as the 2006 Midwest region King of the Blues.

Laith Al-Saadi was one of the four finalists on The Voice season 10. And I have to say it was a joy to listen to him every week come up with another blues song to own.
Make no bones about it once Laith laid his guitar on the song he owned it. His guitar playing is outstanding and he just has that pure blues voice.

The Thrill is Gone

Here’s another track from Laith, a bit more in a mellow mood. This was before he appeared on the voice. A true sample of the amazing talent he has with the guitar.


Laith Al-Saadi- Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocal
Larry Goldings- B3 Organ
Lee Sklar- Electric Bass
Jim Keltner- Drums
Jimmy Vivino- Acoustic Rhythm Guitar
Will Wheaton, Lamont Van Hook, Billy Valentine, Jason Morales- Background Vocals

Finally today a song I never expected anyone to attempt to cover, this is such an icon. But Laith shows no fear, and he shouldn’t, he just flat out pulled it off.

White Room

Next month make sure to get to River Days to see Laith on the main stage in Detroit east downtown RiverWalk.

Hannah Huston


I’ve moved, more about that later, welcome to my new home.

A terrific sounding version of the great Sting/Police song. Her version here on The Voice is nothing short of phenomenal. Remember that name, Hannah Huston is going to be huge.

She was one of the top four in the most recent season of The Voice, and all four of them were excellent. Sadly not all can be winners, but then again if you make it on the show you are a winner. I’m sure they all will get an album contract pretty soon.


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