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Ängie is a talented singer from a homophobic town in Sweden, but now resides in Stockholm. When you hear her songs you may understand that remark.

Ängie is no run of the mill Swedish pop star, far from it. She’s so unique they broke the mold when they made her. Not sure if she’s out to shock or just don’t give a damn, either way a truly refreshing sound to wake up the music world.

While the press called her the New Miley Cyrus, she rather wanted to be seen as ‘Lil Weed Hoe’ who loves smoking weed and eating pussy every day. And to be honest: That actually summarizes everything you have to know about the work of Ängie. Attention-grabbing? Possible. Shocking? Rather less. With ‘Housewive Spliffin” Ängie remains being a pubescent soul who rather wants to shock than impressing music industry once more. ~~ Irish Coffee Time

This is only one of the many places I saw this review, so maybe wrong attribution.

So let’s kick up with her most recent release, a gentle song about smoking weed and the joy’s of pussy. A most wondrous attitude to enjoy. Nice bass line. So kick back and engulf yourself in the beauty that is Ängie.
Housewife Spliffin’

Director: Ängie & Christofer Nilsson
Production company: Mohave
Production design: Sandra Haraldsen
FAD: Frida Andersson Haase
Assistants: Peter Malmgren, Joen Bergenrud, Kamila Schneltser

The three and a half minute track is all about getting high, getting naked and getting drunk – every single day. Nice idea, just add a cool video with this cute young lady laying down her feelings. A delicious drum and bass debut single from Ängie, awesome.
It’s certainly hypnotic, very mixed reaction on YouTube, but then there are more haters in the world who hide behind their keyboards. I for one love it, and look forward to hearing more from Ängie.
Smoke Weed Eat Pussy

OK, gonna finish with Elliphant and a live “featured” appearance @ Gröna Lund, Stockholm which is of course the beautiful capital of Sweden.
Elliphant feat. Ängie – One More

Gröna Lund Stockholm Sweden
Filmed With HTC One M9

Lisa Miskovsky

Once again we go to Scandinavia for a beautiful young lady with a tremendous voice.
Lisa was featured on the old blog, but I won’t link to it since all the videos are dead.
Lisa Miskovsky hails from Holmsund, Umeå, Sweden.

Lisa Miskovsky quickly placed herself on the Swedish rock music charts with her debut album “Lisa Miskovsky” and single “Driving One Of Your Cars”, with Swedish releases in 2001. Following this release, she received two Swedish Rock Bear awards; one for Best Swedish Newcomer, and the other for Best Swedish Female Artist of the Year. She followed up her musical success with the album Fallingwater, released in 2003, which quickly climbed to number one in the Swedish pop charts, even reaching platinum sales. The album’s success came greatly from two of its songs “Lady Stardust” and “Sing To Me” which both became hits. “Lady Stardust” was also a radio hit in countries like Germany and the United Kingdom. ….more

So let’s get to the music, check out these two songs from her earlier album, Violent Sky.

Fun in the snow, great beat and Lisa’s awesome voice featured with a beautiful song.
Only in Sweden does it snow indoors. 🙂 Just loving this song.
Got A Friend (Directors Cut)

Music video by Lisa Miskovsky performing Got A Friend.
(C) 2011 Sony Music Entertainment Sweden AB


This is from the Melodifestivalen 2012 in Malmö, Sweden. I think this is the pre-cursor to the Eurovision Song Contest. Lisa and guitar and angels? Another great track from Lisa.
Why Start A Fire

Here’s a semi-recent concert appearance at Umeå Energi Arena in Umeå, Sweden.
A really happy song, love it.

Alright, på invigningen av Umeå Energi Arena.

We’re gonna end with her most recent single, here performed live @ Kalmar Stadesfest.
Hey Lisa we are waiting for a new album, you are too talented to let it go for too long.
Wild Winds

Ulrika Windolf

? Anna Sturesson

If you were a regular on the old blog you would have been introduced to Ulrika Windolf four years ago. If not why not?

Ulrika is originally from Linköping and later moved to Stockholm to attend Musikhögskolan.

I stumbled across this piece on Facebook earlier today which reminded me I had not heard too much about Ulrika lately. And that started me of on a music search to see what she has been doing lately.

Turns out that Ulrika gave up on the music biz for a while, but now she is back and say’s their will be new songs in the near future. Personally I’m looking forward to that.

A beautiful song and that violin player is just wonderful.




? Peter Jigerström

I think this is a beautiful song by the awesomely talented Ulrika Windolf in an appearance @ Bar Brooklyn in Stockholm not to be confused with any New York bars.

I’m not satisfied even though
the chemicals rescue me
cause I thought life
would be so much more
than this fight against
your own thoughts.
And they say
oh, carry on you must try
so much harder
oh, carry on you’re not
living your life
you’re not 25 forever”

? Peter Jigerström

To finish up today a sad and plaintive song, beautiful and achingly sung.
What you need is hope. A wonderfully produced video to accompany the song.
Hope is the way through

single from Ulrika Windolf, produced by Ludvig Jansson
video produced by Ulrika Windolf