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Kerrie Sweeney

Some great sounds from down under. Should I say some great blues sounds. If you’ve been here before you know I am very partial to female blues singers, and this young lady can surely sing the blues.

Kerrie Sweeney hails from Wollongong, a place that ranks second to my favorite Australian place-name, Wangaratta. They both roll of the tongue so beautifully.

Kerrie Sweeney has recently returned to the music scene after a long absence. Kerrie has won a swag of awards during her musical career as a blues and soul singer /songwriter /entertainer including her first award Best New Female Artist at the Australian Blues Music Awards in 1998.

Kerrie is currently working with members of the fabulous ‘FINN Band’ a well-respected group of musicians that have been working in and around Sydney for over 20 years. And is currently recording her next CD with the guys due for release in September 2017.

While we are waiting for that CD let’s take a stroll through her catalog of awesome live blues.

This is a hot of the presses video, just dropped on YouTube.
Here’s Kerrie in fine voice as part of the Women of Blues and Soul Showcase @ Corrimal RSL.
And boy does Kerrie have blues and soul sewed up.
Sooner or Later

Supporting Women in Blues – NSW


Kerrie and the WBC House Band giving a fine rendition of the Stevie Ray classic. Jason providing sterling lead guitar and Kerrie gives us the voice.
The Sky Is Cryin’

Kerrie Sweeney & The WBC House Band
Kerrie Sweeney ~ vocals, Jason Brett ~ guitar, Marty ‘Squid Eye’ Maloney ~ drums
Ron Ind ~ harmonica, Lawrence Davis ~ bass, Guy Munro ~ Guitar


Keep the blues live, yeah man it’s the only way.
Here’s Kerrie, but this time with the Old Mate Blues Band, still at the Wollongong Blues Club, still down under. Sharing the vocals with Toni Cini. Sounds like a good night was had by all.
Rock Me Baby

Guy Munro (guitar); Nathan Freeman (bass); Pete Burns (drums);Dave “Spotty” Schmidt (harp/vocals/guitar);Jason Brett (guitar);Kerrie Sweeney (vocals);Ron Ind (harp);Toni Cini (vocals);Mark Brett (guitar)


Finally today, as we already know, this young lady sure can sing the blues. Here she is again still @ the Wollongong Blues Club. Back again in fine voice with the WBC House Band.
Same Old Baby

Kerrie Sweeney & The WBC House Band
Kerrie Sweeney ~ vocals, Jason Brett ~ guitar, Marty ‘Squid Eye’ Maloney ~ drums
Ron Ind ~ harmonica, Lawrence Davis ~ bass, Guy Munro ~ guitar


Souad Massi ~ سعاد ماسي

Souad Massi is a soulful singer-songwriter from Algeria who follows her own muse, she has received death threats in her native country but is now selling hundreds of thousands of records around the globe. She began her career performing in the Kabyle political rock band Atakor. But in 1999 she performed at the Femmes d’Algerie concert in Paris, which led to a recording contract with Island Records. And as the old saying goes, she never looked back.
Souad Massi sings in Classical Arabic, Algerian Arabic, French, occasionally in English, and in the Berber language, Kabyle, often employing more than one language in the same song. And I stumble on with just English.

So we have a little of her background, but why are you really here? For the music of course. So let’s go.
We start with a beautiful song and her voice is beyond amazing. It’s great to see her having fun with the music. I’ve gotta go find me some of her albums. A very definite touch of the Portuguese fado in this track, and I just love fado music.

Concert acoustique à la Coupole

This time a bigger stage, but the music is still amazing.
Ya Kalbi – سعاد ماسي – يا قلبي

And the stages get bigger, this time with the full orchestra of Concerto dell’Epifania RAI 1. Still the best thing we hear from this stage is the warm beautiful voice of Souad Massi.

Now this is truly dramatic. Souad Massi here with Eric Fernandez at the Festival Arabesques in 2013. Started with a terrific Flamenco dancer just to get the dramatic feel going. And then one of my favorite songs so far, even though I have no idea what it is called.

Arabesques Festival: First and unique festival in Europe dedicated to the Arabic Arts & Culture.
Since 2006, the association UNI’SONS organizes every year in May during a week in Montpellier, the encounters of Arabic Arts & Culture, composed of an eclectique artistic programming.
Arabesques represents an opportunity to explore the arab culture through music, theatre, tails, projections, dance, calligraphy… from its traditional artistic heritage to its contemporary creations.
Arabesques aims to offer a better image and knowledge of the Arab World sharing its cultural richness.
The ambition of the festival is to create a friendly space favoring encounters and human exchanges
From all generations and for diverse social and ethnic backgrounds, the audience of Arabesques testifies of a mutual respect and shared pleasures.

Finally today a short set from the wonderful folks at NPR Music in another great Tiny Desk Concert. So perfect, so poignant and such beautiful sounds. I could listen to her all day.

Set List:

“Raoui” (Storyteller)
“Ghir Enta” (No One but You)
“Amessa” (A Day Will Come)
“Le Bien et le mal” (The Good and the Evil)


Bonnie Love

Curiosity got me here. I noticed something when I was preparing the Gabriella Cohen post a few days ago, that Gabriella has a sister Bonnie Love who Gabriella had produced some songs for an EP.

So I had to have a listen, I am so glad I did. Bonnie Love wow! I am in love with her voice. It hits you to the bone. So hard and soft, so rough and smooth, this young lady is a true old soul. In a word amazing.

Bonnie Love is from Melbourne, as was her sister.

I read a wonderful quote about her that I want to share.
“An explosive Molotov cocktail of harlot and song from a true chanteuse who was born for the stage.” Felicity Black, Dirty Power Studios

No videos so far, but you are in for an aural treat.
I’ll show you “Songs of love and living”.
A collection of songs written around USA & Melbourne town 2015/16.
Recorded by her sister, Gabriella Cohen in a collection of lovely lounge rooms dotted around the country.

First up this achingly beautiful walking blues song, it has everything, beautiful guitar and that totally ethereal voice that takes you to places you know and some you don’t. Oh oh oh I think I’m in love. I’m transfixed by her voice.

from Songs For The Living, released January 25, 2017
Written and performed by Bonnie Love
Produced By Gabriella Cohen

A slight acoustic guitar and then the chill-inspiring voice of Bonnie. This song is a definite goose bump provider. The warmth of Norah Jones, the depths of anguish of Billy Holiday, and above all the superb talent of Bonnie Love. I tell you this EP can change your life. Oh I’ll carry you home, for sure.

Written and performed by Bonnie Love
Produced By Gabriella Cohen

Take me back to the twenties in some speak easy, the bathtub gin is flowing and there on a small stage is the singer. Oh Bonnie Love is so much into that genre. This is a beautiful, beautiful piece. You want it to never end, and that mouth trombone is a nice touch.

Written and performed by Bonnie Love
Produced By Gabriella Cohen

“I think I’m going a little crazy” she sings, and I know I’m going crazy over her. Such an authentic jazz/blues vocalist. People I implore you, you have to make this young lady a mega star. Once you hear all of this EP you won’t be able to stop playing it.
Coming Home

Written and performed by Bonnie Love
Produced By Gabriella Cohen

? Peter Cahill

Finally today, and I hate to finish this but we’ve run out of songs, a very different take on a love song. Bringing out the tender side of Bonnie, but the blues and jazz is still there.
Awesome, amazing, brilliant Bonnie Love is a tour de force.
under my bed

Written and performed by Bonnie Love
Produced By Gabriella Cohen